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4 bargain Kindle books, and a freebie (Sep 30)

Good afternoon! Here are some bargain Kindle books for you today (all under 99 cents), plus another freebie!

Cupcakes, Lies, and Dead Guys (An Annie Graceland Mystery), by Pamela DuMond.

Price: $0.99. (Still on sale?)

Highly-rated, and warmly reviewed, this is the first book in the Annie Graceland "sexy mystery" series.

"This is a unique and clever story told with truckloads of wit - it's a wild and wacky whodunit that's hilarious, fast moving, and filled with just enough twists to keep the reader constantly guessing. The sarcasm is priceless! I think Pamela DuMond has created an entirely new genre: cozy/crazy mystery meets zany paranormal. Great fun! " -- Beth Hoffman, Amazon reviewer

Moving from Wisconsin to sunny Los Angeles was the frosting on the cake of Annie Graceland's perfect life. Her boutique bakery business was blossoming, she was happily married to a handsome, ambitious actor, and they were planning to have a baby.

Besides her derelict friends, the only thing that got Annie in serious trouble was her smidge of psychic ability: feeling other people's sensations in her own body. She hated experiencing someone else's peanut butter addiction, foot fetish, or murderous rage. Thank God, her psychic curse only kicked in when she was stressed.

When Annie discovers her husband is possibly cheating with oh-so-famous, self-help author, Dr. Fuller, Fuller ends up dead, poisoned with one of Annie's signature cupcakes, and she becomes a prime murder suspect.

When the not-so-good Doctor's ghost doesn't pass to the After-Life and is stuck on earth, Fuller decides to recruit, (aka, haunt), a live personal assistant to investigate and bring his killer to justice. Who better to help than Annie?

Now Annie is not only stuck with the most irritating ghost in the world, but is forced to spy on, and infiltrate the lives of Hollywood's elite; the motley crew of suspects who wanted Fuller dead. Was it the porn star, the trophy wife, the talent manager, the personal trainer? Will Annie survive the L.A. whackos who wanted Fuller dead before she is whacked by the real killer?

320 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 62 reviews, and $0.99 today!

Sleeping Roses (Dead Roses), by RaShelle Workman.

Sale price: $0.99; normally $3.99. (Still on sale?)

This book is a romantic suspense and has elements of the police procedural genre - one of my favorites!

"Its hard to explain why this was such a good book without giving away the surprise twist near the ending." - Cynthia Boyd

"The writing is well done, easy to read and it's a good story line." - Lisa Martin

"Interesting characters, good writing, and twists in the story kept me turning the pages until the end!" - Rita Herron

Her marriage may be dangerous, but leaving could be fatal. 

"It's strange, mysterious, and down right cool! It made me wonder if this really happened." - Jek Jamison 

"A suspense/thriller where nothing is as it seems." - Heartsong Reviews

367 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 130 reviews, and 75% off today!

Mattie, by Judy Alter.

Sale price: $0.99; normally $. (Still on sale?)

Inspired by the life of the first woman doctor in Nebraska, this novel is narrated by Dr. Mattie, in the informal style of an 80-year-old woman looking back on good days and bad in a long life.

"The opening of the novel catches the attention quickly, reveals terrible troubles, hints at more to come but leaves it at that. And no one should give away the ending, but some reviewers do. Too bad. I have been a fan of Alter's writing for many years, and I'm always struck with the way she reminds a reader of whatever is going on in the world even as she presents her casts of characters firmly rooted in the past, usually in the American West. Most are told in first person and that also lends immediacy and personal acquaintance with the female lead character." -- Cowgirl Joyce, Amazon reviewer

Against the backdrop of sparsely settled western Nebraska at the turn of the 20th century, Mattie tells the story of a pioneer woman physician. Through the years of her practice, Mattie's life is filled with romance and disappointments, battles won and loved ones lost, challenges met and opportunities passed. Through it all she endures. And as the years pass, her life takes on a richness and quality she knows she coiuld not have found anywhere else or at any other time.

Mattie offers a realistic and haunting portrait of life on the plains and of a most unforgettable woman.

192 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 22 reviews, and $0.99 today!

A Descent Into Hell, by Kathryn Casey.

Price: $0.89. (Still on sale?)

Here's a true crime story from noted novelist and true-crime writer Kathryn Casey.

"Probably the best written True Crime book I have read in years." - Kathryn Inabinett

"As excellent as her previous books, Kathryn Casey has taken a horrific, heartbreaking story and written it with great sensitivity and insight." - Rae

"I read this book for one weekend; I simply couldn't put it down. - Bobi

Bright, attractive, and both from good families, University of Texas college student Colton Pitonyak and vibrant redhead Jennifer Cave had the world at their beckoning. Cave, an ex-cheerleader, had just landed an exciting new job, while a big-money scholarship to UT's prestigious business school lured Pitonyak to Austin. 

Yet the former altar boy had a dark, unpredictable streak, one that ensnared him in the perilous underworld of drugs and guns. 

When Jennifer failed to show up for work on August 18, 2005, her mother became frightened. Sharon Cave's search led to Colton's West Campus apartment, where Jennifer's family discovered a scene worthy of the grisliest horror movie. Meanwhile, Colton Pitonyak was nowhere to be found.

A Descent Into Hell is the gripping true story of one of the most brutal slayings in UT history - and the wild "Bonnie and Clyde-like" flight from justice of a cold-blooded young killer and his would-be girlfriend, who claimed that her unquestioning allegiance to Pitonyak was "just the way I roll."

388 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 56 reviews, and $0.89 today!

this I know - Sarah's Confession, by Reba Ponder Weiss.

Sale price: Free. (Still free?)

Here's a free book that is now in the top 20 in Amazon's free lists! Try this southern mystery thriller!

"Here is a truly fresh new voice, and this stunning debut reveals a world of authentic detail and familiar wit, full of Southern charm... Southern charm, that is, facing the end of the world. The stage is set for a traditional Southern wedding, with all the tender affection and comic interludes you would find in any such gathering of a real family, but the proceedings are imbued with a gathering sense of foreboding... And then the world as we know it endures a cataclysmic event, plunging this family into a harried race against extinction. What follows is as explosive and spellbinding as any of the wildest movie adventures, not rollicking fun so much as a breathless race to survive. The beauty, character, and human dignity that remain under even such duress shine all the brighter... and Weiss unfolds a relentless, mesmerizing tale, ultimately taking you on the survival ride of your life. This book is a stunning achievement by a first time writer, heralding not only a bold new voice, but a bold new mash-up of genre. " -- M. Chance, Amazon reviewer

A recluse emerges from the backwoods on the eve of his son's romantic, southern wedding. Dinner spirals into chaos when the self-proclaimed prophet announces he hears spiritual messages straight from God. 

The voices tell him to prepare the way for the end of the world. His disturbing words find foothold in undeniable facts as disbelief dissolves into terror. 

Those who gathered to celebrate are suddenly faced with an unthinkable dilemma. They must follow him into a remote, secret sanctuary, prepared exclusively for survival - or they can die. As apocalyptic events begin to unfold, the ancient battle of darkness and light quickly becomes a modern reality.

271 pages, with a 5-star rating from 26 reviews, and free today!

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