Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kindle Daily Deal for Sep 22: Minerva, by M.C. Beaton (72% off!)

Today's KDD: Minerva: The First Volume of the Six Sisters, by M. C. Beaton. Normally $6.99, now $1.99!

192 pages, 14 reviews, 12 of them four stars and above.

This book was originally published in 1983 by Marion Chesney as part of her Six Sisters series; it is being republished by Rosetta Books under one of the author's pen names, M.C. Beaton.

In the first volume of Marion Chesney's popular historical romance series, "The Six Sisters," prudish and beautiful Minerva goes to London to woo a wealthy husband. Unfortunately, the London dandies despise her moralizing. These so-called gentlemen plan a scandalizing assault on Minerva's virtue, backed with a wager of 50,000 pounds.

72% off, today only!

Features: X-ray enabled. Kindle Owner Lending library enabled.

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