Sunday, September 23, 2012

Kindle Fire Free App of the Day: Pair-Up

Today's Free App of the Day is Pair-Up!
Originally $2.99

Only two reviews so far, one five and one four stars.  Remarkably, neither seems to be by the developer....  This is designed for kids ages four and up.

Pair-Up is an addictive educational game that will keep your child engaged while developing their cognitive skills, including language, quantitative and reasoning skills development.

With over 300 unique questions, and high definition gorgeous graphics your child can enjoy hours of gameplay. In addition a lot of the questions are randomly generated so each time the game is played the question will be a bit different and challenging even if it was already solved before.

The game includes 3 main categories, "Visual Perception", "Quantitative Reasoning" and "Associative Thinking" and in each category we've included a basic and advanced set of questions.

Your child will be presented with a single image and four possible answers of which only one is correct. Drag the right answer to the empty frame and you'll advance to the next question in the set. Complete the whole set of questions and you'll be awarded with up to 3 stars depending on your performance.

KB member Anna checked it out for us and says this:
There are currently 28 reviews and a 4 star rating. The game worked well on my Fire. The app says the names and responses (Try again, Excellent, Very good, etc.) in English. The interface is simple and should be easy for young children. I tried the easy set of each of the categories and liked that multiple tries were allowed to find the answer. The only category I thought could be improved of the ones I tried was "Who eats what?" as some animals eat more than one thing. For example, rabbits eat grass as well as carrots and chickens eat leaves as well as seeds. There is access to the Market to buy other apps by this developer but that is protected by a 4 digit simple addition problem which should protect for the child ages intended for this app but not for older ones. I give this four stars and will let my grandnieces play it next time I see them.
Have fun!

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