Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tip: Use our advanced search to find free Kindle books and more!

Have you tried our advanced search on KindleBoards? It's an easy way to find free Kindle books and other hidden treasures on Amazon!

We call it kbsearch. Here's the direct link:

Most people use the search tool this way:

  • Go to
  • Set the maximum price to "free" using the pull-down option.
  • Choose to include, or exclude, public domain books
  • Pick a sort (by price, by bestsellers, by ratings, etc.)
  • Click the search button!
You can also set more parameters if you wish to filter your search. For example, you can filter to a particular genre, a particular title or author, and other search options like language, publisher, reader age, published date, and format (Kindle, printed books, audio books, Amazon shorts, etc.).

Also, on the right side of the screen we have a list of common searches. Just click on a quick-link there and an Amazon page will appear with the results of that search.

Have you tried kbsearch? Give it a try at this link!

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