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Free Kindle books! (Sep 14)

Good morning! Here are your quick picks of selected Kindle books. All of these are free today!

Raft People, by ML Katz.

This book is the debut novel of ML Katz. While it has few reviews, the premise is fascinating. I checked out the sample and it's well-written and nicely formatted. I think I'll give The Raft a try today while it's free!

"Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by Raft People. This author writes with such empathy and terse wit that I wonder why I have never heard of her before!

"I really began to feel like I was riding along on a home made craft as a small group of unprepared and eccentric people tried to cope with a global catastrophe. Liz Green is a compelling narrator, both as a troubled teenager and as the adult therapist who is remembering back to the days of the Big Flood. 

"Do yourself a favor and ride the raft! " -- Amazon reviewer

Human errors magnify global climate change, forcing catastrophic floods over the world's coastlines. The military scrambles for ships while the wealthy run to secret ocean habitats. Meanwhile ordinary people find themselves stuck between jammed escape routes and the rising sea. While billions of people struggle to survive, several thousand turn to, a website that helps them construct floating escape vessels out of things they have on hand.

During the time of the Big Flood, Liz Green is a troubled teenager living with her single mother and brothers. Faced with the rising sea to the south and jammed highways to the north, her mother decides they need to become Raft People. As the Gulf of Mexico turns into the new Sea of Mexico, they have to rely upon the help of her awkward, but brilliant brother, Mark Green, a middle aged, female former Special Forces diver named Shirley, and an eighty year old retired naval engineer, Mr. Thomson. The group of neighbors decides to become Raft People to escape before their Houston suburb floods.

Overwhelmed and ill prepared, they must struggle against nature and gangs of hoodlums. The military may provide some help, but urban guerrillas have chosen to use this chance to take out the government, and the rebels do not seem to mind some collateral damage. Can this group of children, adults, and old people make it to the "Up Above" before the sea rises?

This book has a 5-star rating from 3 reviews, and is free today.

Cyberdrome, by Joseph Rhea.

The techie in me is definitely interested in this one! It gets strong reviews for tight and compelling story-telling. And the premise is an engaging one... where high-tech becomes high-risk.

"What a thrill ride! Just finished Cyberdrome. The sample convinced me to buy the full download right away. Top notch and highly original.

"Cyberdrome is relentlessly fast-paced. It is very imaginative, with multiple environments and scenarios, and a multitude of potential bad guys. Separating out the heroes, anti-heroes and out-and-out bad guys from the rest, while keeping abreast of the twists and turns in this fascinating plot, is a job and a half!

"Being ex-IT myself I liked all the computer references but understanding these was not essential to following the thrust and heady zest of the novel." -- P.J. Salisbury

A disturbing glimpse into a digital future, not far from now.

Mathew Grey is a brilliant scientist who accidentally unleashed a man-made plague that ravaged America's heartland, and now threatens the rest of the planet. Riddled with guilt and running out of time, he decides to use a dangerous technology to enter a computer-generated reality called Cyberdrome, hoping to unravel a mystery that could be the key to Earth's survival.

Alek Grey was an athlete whose career was cut short by a near-fatal accident. Now he is a software hacker with the unique ability to outsmart the best Artificial Intelligence programs of his day. When he is called in after one of his programs inadvertently attacks Cyberdrome, he is shocked to learn that both his father and ex-fiance have become trapped inside the simulation, unable to be removed without risk of death.

Alek knows of only one way to rescue the people he loves, but will he risk all of humanity to save them?

294 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 5 reviews, and free today.

The Three Diets Solution: The Proven Methods For Fast and Sustainable Weight Loss, by Clarence Oliver.

Here's a change of pace: a diet book that takes a new look at maintaining healthy weight.

I can't vouch for it personally, but his Three Diet solution might be of interest to you, and the book is free today.

"So, the author of this book comes right out and announces he's not a doctor, or anything special, that he still even has weight to lose. Let that inform you in any way you want. He wrote the book because he wanted to get away from the branding, the marketing, and actually look at the most effective science out there.

"His description doesn't really do the book justice. He lays out why people succeed and why people fail, claiming to have interviewed many dieters, in hopes of discovering what works and what doesn't. Frankly I believe him, because what I've done and failed with was exactly what he wrote people do and fail with. After only a couple days of trying the succeeding stuff, well, let's just say that I'm feeling better--a little bit hungry--but definitely a little bit lighter as well, to the tune of five or six pounds." -- Maggie, Amazon reviewer

Dieting is difficult, it's discouraging, it's depressing, and it sometimes feels impossible. Swarmed with over three billion results on Google, and one hundred thousand results on Amazon for the word "diet", the number one question everyone has to ask is, "What Diet is Right For Me".

The Three Diets Solution Is The Answer To That Question, Revealing A Truth The Weight Loss Industry Doesn't Want You To Know: There Are Only Three Diets!

Once You Forget About The Fads, Learn The Truth About the Diets, And Learn To Take Charge Of Your Own Eating Plans, You'll be Able To Lose The Weight Fast And Keep It Off Permanently!

And You'll Learn All This And More In The Three Diets Solution: Proven Methods For Fast and Sustainable Weight Loss.

124 pages, with a 5-star rating from 4 reviews, and free today.

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