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Bargain Kindle books! Plus another freebie! (Sep 22)

Good afternoon! We have a thriller, and a nice selection of cozy mysteries among our bargain Kindle books for you today. And, another free Kindle book at the end of this post!

A Touch of Deceit (Nick Bracco Series #1), by Gary Ponzo.

Price: $0.99. (Still on sale?)

Here's the first novel in the 3-book Nick Bracco mystery/thriller series! With great reviews from over 100 readers, this one seems like a good bet for a thrilling read.

"A Touch of Deceit" by Gary Ponzo is a great action & adventure story that will keep you turning the pages so you can find out what happens next... The characters are realistic, the dialogue is great and the plot is tight. " -- Ardee Eichelmann, Amazon reviewer

Winner of the Southwest Writers Novel Contest, Thriller category!

FBI agent Nick Bracco can't stop a Kurdish terrorist from firing missiles at random homes across the country. The police can't stand watch over every household, so Bracco recruits his cousin Tommy to help track down this terrorist. Tommy is in the Mafia. Oh yeah, it gets messy fast. As fast as you can turn the pages.

Writer/Director Stephen Carpenter said, "Couldn't put it down and now I want more. Bravo."

Judith L. Pearson author of "Wolves at the Door," and "Belly of the Beast," said, "Gary Ponzo is simply the best new thriller writer out there.

380 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 110 reviews, and $0.99 today!

Progressive Dinner Deadly (A Myrtle Clover Mystery), by Elizabeth Spann Craig.

Price: $0.99. (Still on sale?)

Get to know octogenarian Myrtle Clove in this engaging "cozy mystery" series. Author Elizabeth Craig knows her craft: she writes the Memphis Barbeque series for Penguin/Berkley, the Southern Quilting mysteries for Penguin/NAL, and the Myrtle Clover series for Midnight Ink.

"This book is yet another reason to love my Kindle! I found it while browsing Amazon and thought it sounded pretty good. I loved it and thought it was great.

"I don't want to give away anything of this wonderful story, so I'll simply tell you that the writing and mystery are very well done. The author does a great job of character development and Myrtle who is a senior, is a great character.

"Overall, great, entertaining, fun cozy mystery. I highly recommend it cozy mystery readers, especially those who like some laughs along with their mystery. I will certainly read future books by this author." -- Annie B., Top 500 Amazon reviewer

Retired octogenarian schoolteacher Myrtle Clover is fit to be tied when her book club votes to change to a supper club. Who wants chips and dip when they can have Dickens and Twain?

The first supper club is a progressive dinner...where Myrtle loses interest during the hors d'oeuvres. But when a body is discovered during the main course, the evening quickly gets interesting. Myrtle pits her sleuthing skills against her police chief son's to find the killer....if the killer doesn't find her first.

170 pages, with a 4-star rating from 5 reviews, and $0.99 today!

The Scent of Lies, A Paradise Valley Mystery: Book One, by Debra Burroughs.

Price: $0.99. (Still on sale?)

Book 1 of the Paradise Valley mystery series, by Debra Burroughs.

"If you're looking for stories with real romance that will entertain you, grab your attention, touch your heart, and leave you wanting more, dive into one of her captivating books."

"Author Debra Burroughs does a great job mixing suspense and romance in this page-turner." - J.M.Gardner

"I found the story highly entertaining, and it kept me wondering who the killer was to the very end." - Book Lover

"Interesting subject, characters are well developed." - Woodie

A smokin' hot lady P.I. with a close circle of friends
  • A wife wrongfully accused of her husband's death
  • A sexy new police detective in town
Murder, mystery, romance and intrigue--The Scent of Lies will keep you
wondering 'who dunnit'' until the very end.

***Think "Sex in the City" meets "Nancy Drew"***

203 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 32 reviews, and $0.99 today!

Murder in Steeple Martin - Libby Sarjeant Murder Mystery series, by Lesley Cookman.

Price: $0.99. (Still on sale?)

This book is first in a series of British murder mysteries featuring retired middle-aged actress and sleuth, Libby Sarjeant.

"I will begin by stating that I am a big fan of "cozy" mysteries, particularly those set in English villages and with characters who are more than two-dimensional. I am reading the last of the series by Lesley Cookman (Libby Sarjeant Murder Mysteries) and have been totally charmed by them.

"The characters are believable and have plenty of quirks and faults so they seem more like real people than most characters found in mysteries. There are plenty of funny moments but these are not what I consider "comic" mysteries.

"If you like twisty plots, with a bunch of very likeable characters, I think you will enjoy these..." -- Andie Senji, Vine Voice

Artist and ex-actress Libby Sarjeant is busy directing a play for the opening of a new theatre in her village when one of her cast is found murdered. The play, written by her friend Peter, is based on real events in his family, disturbing and mysterious, which took place in the village during the last war. 

As the investigation into the murder begins to uncover a tangled web of relationships in the village, it seems that the events dramatised in the play still cast a long shadow, dark enough to inspire murder.

Libby's natural nosiness soon leads her into the thick of the investigation, but is she too close to Peter s family, and in particular his cousin Ben, to be able to recognise the murderer?

352 pages, with a 4-star rating from 13 reviews, and $0.99 today!

Loose Ends - A Mary O'Reilly Paranormal Mystery (Book 1), by Terri Reid.

Price: free! (Still free?)

And now a free one for you - with a whopping 180 customer reviews, and a 4.4-star rating!

"This Mary O'Reilly Mystery is both scary and funny, with wonderful characters and lots of action. I was not certain 'who done it' until the very end, and I couldn't put it down until it was all over!

"Mary and Bradley are just plain fun together - can't help but laugh out loud - but I found the characters of Rosie and Stanley to be a terrific foil to Mary's dry quips. Loose Ends is a hit! " -- Kathleen, Amazon reviewer

Dying is what changed Mary O'Reilly's life. Well, actually, coming back from the dead and having the ability to communicate with ghosts is really what did it.

Now, a private investigator in rural Freeport, Illinois, Mary's trying to learn how to incorporate her experience as a Chicago cop and new-found talent into a real job. Her challenge is to solve the mysteries, get real evidence (a ghost's word just doesn't hold up in court), and be sure the folks in town, especially the handsome new police chief, doesn't think she's nuts.

Twenty-four years ago, a young woman drowned in the swimming pool of a newly elected State Senator. It was ruled an accident. But now, as the Senator prepares to move on to higher positions, the ghost of the woman is appearing to the Senator's wife.

Mary is hired to discover the truth behind the death. She unearths a connection between the murder and the disappearance of five little girls whose cases, twenty-four years later, are still all unsolved. As she digs further she becomes the next target for the serial killer's quest to tie up all his loose ends.

180 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 180 reviews, and $ today!

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