Thursday, September 27, 2012

8 tips on ordering Kindle Paperwhite as Christmas gifts

As you may have heard, orders are coming fast for Amazon's new Kindle Paperwhite e-reader... and current shipping times are late October.

This new, feature-packed e-reader is sure to be on many wishlists. If you're planning on gifting (or self-gifting!) a Kindle Paperwhite this holiday season, here are some tips for you!
  • Buy early, as shipping times will probably continue to move later as we get closer to the end of year. 
  • If you're buying for multiple family members or friends, be aware that you're currently limited to no more than five per customer.
  • If you're thinking of including a PaperWhite cover, order it at the same time. Availability for those can sometimes get tight during the holidays. 
  • Tell your recipient to come to for help on any Kindle questions, or to get recommendations on great content, including free books, for their new Kindle! Christmas day and the days following are our busiest time at the forums; last year we had 5,000 people online simultaneously!
  • On a budget, but want to spread some Kindle joy? Consider the less expensive $69 Kindle, which is a very competent, and compact, e-reader. My older daughter uses this and is very happy with it. 
  • Feeling expansive this Christmas? The Kindle Fire HD starts at $199 and is a fun-to-use tablet! I picked up the 7-inch HD model and am really impressed with the display, and the ease of use.
  • Remember that, when gifting to members of your own household, you can have multiple Kindles associated with your account. This means you can buy a book once, and have it loaded to each of your Kindles if you wish. My wife and daughters and I commonly use this to share books that are appealing to all of us. 
  • If you're replacing an existing Kindle, you can sell your used device in our Buy, Sell, Trade, and Barter board. These are person-to-person direct transactions. The board  has been a convenient place that has seen over 2,400 similar transactions! (Remember to de-register your Kindle before shipping!)
Below are quick-links to each member in the Kindle family of e-readers and tables. When it comes to Kindle gift-giving, it pays to plan ahead. Good luck with your shopping plans!

Paperwhite (WiFi)
Paperwhite 3G
$69 Kindle!
Kindle Fire
(non-HD) 7"
Fire HD 7"
Fire HD 8.9" Fire HD 8.9"

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