Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Kindle Fire models! Pix, specs, links!

This morning, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled new Kindle Fire models. We had two KindleBoards members at the briefing! Here's the scoop:

Kindle Fire HD

Amazon link: Amazon Kindle family

 - Display: 7" and 8.9" models available, HD, 254 pixels per inch, 1920x1200 resolution
 - HD front-facing camera
 - Size: 8.8mm thin
 - Weight: 20 ounces
 - Processor: OMAP 4470
 - 5GZ WiFi, and two antennas
 - Sound: dual stereo speakers, Dolby Digital Plus
 - Memory: 16GB
 - HDMI out
 - Whispersync works across e-book and audio-book versions
 - Whispersync works for games; stores unlocked gaming levels in the cloud
 - "Immersion reading" - watch the text as the audio-book plays
 - X-ray for movies: tap a character in the movie to see who the actor is.
 - X-ray for textbooks: with smart glossaries, Wikipedia links, and YouTube videos
 - New e-mail app; Facebook app
 - Parental controls with Kindle Freetime time-limit mode
 - With 4G LTE version, you get 250MB of data per month plus 20GB of cloud storage
 - Price:
     - Kindle Fire 7", 16GB - $199 - ships November 20th. Order today.
     - Kindle Fire 8.9" 16GB - $299 - ships November 20th. Order today.
     - Kindle Fire HD with 4G LTE, 32GB  - $499 - ships November 20th. Order today.

See the entire Kindle line-up on Amazon's Kindle page. And join in our forum discussions about the announcements!

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