Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Author profile: Robert Collins

Today, we're pleased to introduce you to author Robert Collins! Robert is the author of three science-fiction novels: Monitor, Lisa’s Way, and Expert Assistance.

He’s also the author of the young adult novel True Friends. He’s sold over 90 short science-fiction and fantasy stories to magazines such as Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine; Tales of the Talisman; Space Westerns; The Fifth Di...; and Sorcerous Signals. He has four other short-story collections available: The Frigate Victory Collection, Volume 1; The Sagas of Surgard; Fun Tales of Fantasy and the Future; and Better Tomorrows.

In Robert's words:

Most of the books you'll see written by me are science fiction and fantasy. Those genres are my first love, and what I've been writing the longest. I also have written books about Kansas history. I've enjoyed working on those books, but after my next one comes out, I'm going to focus back on just SF/F.

Not that Kansas history hasn't influenced my fiction. "Lisa's Way," for example, took some inspiration from my research into the Santa Fe Trail and how important trade was to settling the frontier. One of my "Frigate Victory" short stories came out of the work I did on Kansas county seat conflicts. There are more example, but I'll let you look for them.

The one thing that ties my fiction together, other than genre, is that I think of myself as a storyteller. The story might be fantasy or science fiction. It might have a light tone or a dark tone. It will always be a story, with a beginning, a middle (hopefully a muddle), and an end. If you like the story, I did my job. If the story made you think, that's a bonus.

I like telling stories, fiction or nonfiction. It's why I write. Nothing deep about it, but it keeps me plugging away when the rejections come in.

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