Friday, September 14, 2012

Kindle Fire HD - unboxing!

Hooray! I received my Kindle Fire HD today! This is the model with the 7-inch display. (The 8.9-inch model comes out in a few weeks but is available for pre-order.)

Here are some pix of the unboxing!

Nice frustration-free packaging. Good job on that, Amazon!

The inner box has the very Amazonian rip-strip.

What you get: Kindle Fire HD, and USB charger.

Back side, showing dual speakers (top and bottom when held in Portrait mode).

First impressions: lighter and more comfortable to hold than the original Fire HD.

Nice HD screen! Really vivid.

Streaming Iron Man 2.

Carousel in landscape mode.

Carousel in portrait mode.

Web browser - as smooth as the previous Fire model.

Photo viewing includes an attractive magazine-style montage.
Thanks to my assistant for holding up the device! :)


  1. Thanks, Harvey! Love the shot of the twins!

  2. They're a bit older now but I do like that shot with them in the lavender. Thanks!