Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Author profile: Jenna Harte

Today, we're pleased to introduce you to Jenna Harte, author of the Tess Madison Valentine mystery series! 

In Jenna's words:

I've always had a romantic streak. Even as a kid, my favorite characters on TV were almost always happily married and as a twelve year old, I'd write stories about them (this was before fan fiction or the Internet were invented).

I love to read romantic suspense or mystery, but am disappointed that romances don't follow up on the happily ever after and mysteries rarely provide the sexy, romantic elements I enjoy. So I decided to write my own. "Deadly Valentine" is the first book in a series featuring Tess Madison, who loves chocolate and couture lingerie and Jack Valentine who also likes chocolate and Tess' couture lingerie. Drafts of two more Valentine Mysteries, "Old Flames Never Die" and "With This Ring I Thee Kill" are written and currently going through edits.

"Endangered" is a novella featured happily-married Max and Madeleine Delecoeur, who love adventure and as a result occasionally get into trouble. I originally wrote it as a way to introduce people to my writing, but I found myself really liking Max and Madeleine and have more adventures and mysteries planned for them.

Here are a few tidbits about me:

1. Writing always terrified me, so I’m baffled to how I got here.

2. The Valentine Mysteries pay homage to one of my favorite movies, The Thin Man. I have another series idea rattling around in my head that pays tribute to another favorite old movie, Topper.

3. I’m not as old as my love of old movies would suggest.

4. Like my character Tess, I love good chocolate and old R&B tunes. I’m still working on getting some Carine Gilson or La Perla undergarments to see if I’d love them as much as Tess does. A set can cost several hundred dollars so I may have to wait until the books sell.

When I'm not telling stories, I work by day as a freelance writer and blogger -- under my real name. I live in central Virginia with my husband, two teenage children and two cats.

See more about Jenna at her website (!

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