Friday, September 7, 2012

Kindle Daily Deal: Old Town (60% off)

Today's KDD:  Old Town by Lin Zhe  Translated by George A. Fowler. (Reduced 60% from yesterday's price of $4.99)

This book's description reminds me of another book I read recently, Shanghai Girls, which I enjoyed very much.

Product Description:This unforgettable picture of an ordinary family caught up in the maelstrom of 20th-century China ranges across the entire country, to California, and back again. From the WWII Anti-Japanese War of Resistance to the brutal post-war Cultural Revolution, the narrative always returns to the family's traditional town in southern China.

Amazon Vine Reviewer "delicateflower" says:
I have rated Lin Zhe's "Old Town" as a four-star read because it provides the reader with a window into 20th century Chinese history. Well written, it is not a book to be sped through or to read when outside distractions will make demands on your time. If you like lengthy novels which educate in addition to entertaining you, please consider "Old Town" as a worthy choice.

Text-to-speech, lending and X-Ray enabled. Kindle Owner's Lending Library (Prime). 706 pages.  42 reviews, 35 of them four-star or above.   

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Happy reading!

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