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Free Kindle books! (Sep 30)

Here are your quick picks of selected Kindle books. All of these are free today!

The Enchanted Orchards, by Kristin Maddock. (Still free?)

A coming-of-age, Young Adult romance.

"This was such a beautifully, poignant, well written story. At times I found it hard to believe this was a first time author. The characters are so fully realized and fleshed out that I found my self experiencing thier saddness, joy, annoyances, and life lessons right along with them. The story is so moving I am still thinking about it days after finishing and I am very much looking forward to future books from this author." -- Pkannex, Amazon reviewer

When Fern's sister died, she left more than a void - she left a dark secret. As the one year anniversary of her death begins approaching, a haunted Fern's only goal is to survive the summer in her beloved peach orchards without a mental breakdown; a difficult task as her family is unraveling at the seams. 

But that is not to be her only challenge: two visitors arrive, one her childhood crush, one an intriguing stranger - both stirring up more than just trouble and emotions for Fern. Suddenly, her life and town are turned upside down.

As the days lengthen and the breathless heat of summer swallows up the orchards, Fern tries to navigate her way through a maze of grief, friendship, love and guilt. But as the past is revisited, secrets are revealed, and soon, Fern finds herself at a crossroads with some tough decisions to make.

Sometimes all of life's answers can be wrapped up in one hot summer. Especially if peaches are involved.

307 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 21 reviews.

Blind Her With Bliss, by Nina Pierce. (Still free?)

A short read at 130 pages, this romantic / suspense story is set in Maine and is the first book in the Tilling Passions series.

"Nina Pierce has masterly created a book that is both hot and steamy, while being fun to read. The story doesn't get lost to the romantic scenes. The characters are believable and honest. I felt for Julie as I was reading about her family dynamics- it was something that could have been in any family" -- Jesse Kimmel-Freeman, Amazon reviewer

She's trying to find herself. He's attempting to hide. Together they'll discover a truth that threatens them both...

Investigating the death of her best friend, uptight accountant, JULIE TILLING, discovers a world of adult nightclubs and Internet intrigue. When shock jock DAMON COREY rocks her world in a wild night of lust, she wonders if she's found love...or the key to solving a murder. 

130 pages, with a 4.1-star rating from 40 reviews.

Broken Wings, by Alexandrea Weis. (Still free?)

The award-winning author of this contemporary romance is a wildlife "rehabber" and this is her fourth book.

"This is the story of a wonderful woman who spends her life helping wildlife. Despite having what could be a debilitating illness and all of the trials in her life, Pamela is determined to help the helpless animals that people bring to her. When a volunteer comes to help her, Pamela is obviously attracted to him but tries to keep her distance, without much succuss." -- Loretta Gilbert, Amazon reviewer

As a wildlife rehabilitator in southeast Louisiana, Pamela Wells has dealt with her fair share of wild animals, but her reclusive life is forever changed when she meets an elusive former soldier named Daniel Phillips. 

Sent to Pamela's wildlife sanctuary as part of his parole requirements, Daniel and Pamela quickly clash until Daniel's troubled past unexpectedly comes to light. After serving in Iraq, Daniel suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. Pamela tries to help ease his condition by introducing him to the healing power of animals. Daniel begins to find peace, and an unexpected kindred spirit in Pamela. Fearing one day she will be forced to give up her beloved sanctuary, Pamela confides in Daniel about her debilitating health. United by their misfortunes, the relationship turns romantic.

Just when Pamela has found someone to love and share her burdens, Daniel skips town, crushing her heart. Suddenly Pamela finds herself alone and in a desperate situation. She has no choice but to turn to a ruthless Louisiana attorney, Bob Patrick, for help. Bob promises Pamela financial security in exchange for a life as his obedient wife. When Daniel unexpectedly returns, Bob is not willing to give Pamela up. Like an ensnared bird, Pamela struggles to free herself of her cruel capture. The fight may prove deadly, but Daniel is willing to do anything to save her. Can two broken souls eventually find happiness or, like the broken wings of a dove, will they be forever kept from reaching the heights of heaven?

271 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 17 reviews.

Beer Goggles, by Sean Flynn. (Still free?)

Here's a quirky piece of humor that you might enjoy - free today.

"The book starts out as a comedy fest of one-liners and funny episodes that will make readers laugh out loud. But Travis's and Dave's drunken romp takes a serious turn when they think they have witnessed a murder and try to bring the murderer to justice. The book remains funny, but the tone changes slightly, raising it above a mere comedy number to a genuinely interesting story. The structure of the narrative, which alternates between two points of view, before and after the alleged crime, ensures that readers constantly know more than the main characters do - or they think they know; beer goggles may affect their perception of the events too." -- A.K.S., Amazon reviewer

With a thunderstorm replacing the forecasted warm sunshine, Travis's day started badly. He hoped a trip to Blackpool, with his friend Dave, would lift his spirits.

He would be wrong.

After encountering 'Uncle Fester', a naked gardener wielding a rake, and an incontinent dog, he should have turned the car around and gone home. Instead, Dave suggests a visit to the pub, where teetotaller Travis discovers a taste for alcohol.

If the opposite of serendipity existed, this would be it.

An hour later, someone calls Dave an ambulance.

Things go downhill from there.

Subsequently arrested for breaking and entering whilst wearing gorilla suits (and who knew that would be illegal), they have to convince the police they have been witness to the murder of a beautiful woman. Or have they' Or could it be, like the police suggest, a bad case of Beer Goggles'

Beer Goggles is an epic (hangover) tale of (half)wit(s) and (dutch) courage, where, thanks to the delights of alcohol, nothing is quite what it appears and where the wrong decision could cost Travis and Dave their lives.

If you like a good romp as much as you love a good yarn, Beer Goggles should be your tipple of choice.

Enjoy responsibly!

267 pages, with a 4-star rating from 4 reviews.

Gimpy's Secret . . . it's what's missing, by E. H. McLellan. (Still free?)

Let's round things off here with a highly-rated children's book. It's a 194-page illustrated book from Elaine McLellan - with lasting messages for children and adults alike.

"This is a wonderful book. Period. Upon finishing it, I felt like I had read a dynamic mixture of Charlotte's Web and A Prayer for Owen Meany: A Novel mixed with The Wizard of Oz. The story centers around a young girl on her grandparents farm searching for meaning and inner peace when she stumbles upon a cryptic mnemonic - A Loving Touch Profits Every Creature At Some Center Point  - that holds the promise of everything she's searching for. The problem is that the only one able to break the code for her and unlock the secret she seeks, is the most implausible ally one might imagine - a lame chicken who can talk but barely walk. In the tradition of the aforementioned classics, this book weaves together everyday morality plays into a cohesive story arc that will linger with you well after you close its pages. This is a wonderful book. Period." -- Savlatore Constantino, Amazon reviewer

We become defective, morally, socially and vitally, when deprived of love.

Knowing and doing the actions associated with love is the greatest advantage you can give to yourself and to others.

At last and for the first time, a template, a blueprint for doing Love. No more guess work.

Gimpy's Secret, is based on 35 years of rigorous research. The elements that must be present in order for Love to occur have been defined and organized. Love is indeed a verb. Now we can learn to Love like we know what we're doing.

Cleverly disguised as a children's book, the author delivers this how-to information in a form that is easy to read and easy to remember. This heart-warming story is delightful to children and simple enough for adults. It's more than just "kid's"stuff.

Hate generates hate, only Love can generate love.

Now we know how!

194 pages, with a 5-star rating from 27 reviews.

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