Saturday, December 29, 2012

Year-End Sale from Red Adept Publishing

I appreciate well-formatted, professionally edited books. And I do love e-book covers that look like they're crafted with an expert's care and attention. Combine those elements with a great story, and you've got me hooked as a reader.

So, this sale from Red Adept Publishing is exciting to me. I've read most of the titles published by this group, and - without exception - they've been entertaining reads, exquisitely edited, and adorned with attractive covers.

All RAP Kindle books are on sale December 28th through 30th. Get your copy today and save on some highly-recommended novels!  

The Sun, the Moon, and Maybe the Trains, by Rodney Jones. Normally $4.99, on sale for $0.99

First to Find (Caching Out Series #1), by Morgan C. Talbot. Normally $4.99, on sale for $1.99

Dastardly Bastard, by Edward Lorn. Normally $4.99, on sale for $2.99

Upload, by Collin Tobin. Normally $4.99, on sale for $3.99

Thought I Knew You, by Kate Moretti. Normally $4.99, on sale for $3.99

Read more about each of these books below!

The Sun, the Moon, and Maybe the Trains, by Rodney Jones
$4.99 SALE $.99

What would it take to convince you that the woods you just left is one hundred forty-four years distant from the one you entered?

Ten years have passed since the Civil War broke up John Bartley’s family. Living with his aunt and uncle in the tiny village of Greendale, Vermont, isn’t filled with excitement for a seventeen-year-old.

Until John walks into the woods one day and stumbles into 2009…

Fortunately, he chances upon the outspoken Tess McKinnon. To earn her trust, he must first convince her that he is neither a lunatic nor a liar. The proof he needs is buried at the end of a mountain road, where the ruins of Greendale lie just beneath a layer of dead leaves and moss.

What became of his home? Why is there no record of its existence?

First to Find (Caching Out Series #1), by Morgan C. Talbot
$4.99 – SALE $1.99

Death is the hardest puzzle to solve.

Margarita Williams escaped death at a young age, but its shadow has followed her all her life. Now, amidst the chaos of a new Australian roommate and mysterious, menacing neighbors, Death has set the puzzlemaker a puzzle of her own. Someone is killing her fellow geocachers, one by one.

Bindi Ryan left Australia to marry a man who abandoned her the minute her plane landed in Oregon. When thieves steal a local sculpture and a teenage friend is blamed, Bindi and her super-nose must prove him innocent and find the real culprits. But are she and Margarita working on two mysteries, or one?

If they can’t solve the final puzzle, the killer will strike one final, deadly blow.

Dastardly Bastard, by Edward Lorn
$4.99 – SALE $2.99

When war photographer Mark Simmons is sent to do a promo on Waverly Chasm, he assumes it’s a puff piece, a waste of his talents.

Widow Marsha Lake brings her son, Lyle, to help him heal after his father’s death.

Donald Adams, aka H.R. Chatmon, joins the tour to get away from a sticky situation.

Justine McCarthy consents to the hike to placate her boyfriend, Trevor.

For Jaleel Warner, the tour guide, walking the chasm is just part of his job.

Each of these people must face their darkest memories in order to discover and defeat the secret buried in Waverly Chasm.

Upload, by Collin Tobin
$4.99 – SALE $3.99

Someone’s always watching.

Jay Brooks’s life is in chaos. His mother’s sudden death has unhinged his father, making Jay a stranger in his own home. He seeks solace by spending his spare time with his best friend, Bennie, but matters are further complicated by his crush on Chloe, Bennie’s older sister.

A wheelchair-bound hacker, Bennie Welch practically lives in his basement computer lab. Longing to make genuine connections to the outside world, he secretly films people’s precious memories for later sale and surfs the crowds at rave parties, despite the danger to his frail body.

One night, Jay’s hobby of Wi-Fi hotspot hunting turns serious when he unwittingly blunders into the scene of a crime and downloads a mysterious transmission. When Jay brings Bennie the contents of the transfer, Bennie embraces the opportunity to use his skills to investigate.

As Jay and Bennie dig deeper into the world of electronic secrets, they find that the simple video has far-reaching implications that not only threaten their lives, but society as they know it. Tracing the mysterious coalition responsible leads them on an inexorable journey that will change them forever.

Thought I Knew You, by Kate Moretti
$4.99 – SALE $3.99

Claire Barnes is shattered when her husband, Greg, goes on a business trip and never returns.

Unwilling to just wait for the police to find him, Claire conducts her own investigation. Her best friend Drew helps her look for answers, but all she finds are troubling questions.

With every clue, she discovers that Greg may not be the man she thought she married.

While battling her growing feelings for Drew and raising her two young children, Claire must learn to live with the knowledge that the truth behind Greg’s disappearance may never be revealed.

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