Monday, December 31, 2012

Free and bargain Kindle books (Monday Dec 31)

Here is today's selection of free and bargain Kindle books!

For Love of Livvy (Book 1) (the Esposito series), by J. M. Griffin. (Still free?)

This book is the #1 free mystery on Amazon right now. Download your copy today!

"This is my first time reviewing a book. I loved the characters and felt absorbed in the plot, so much so that I couldn't put it down. I am also a Rhode Island native and was pleasantly surprised at the setting and mention of so many familiar places. There was also a nice amount of romance woven right into the story, keeping Lavinia "Vinny" quite busy while she is trying to solve a family mystery. It was refreshing to read a book that did not have the violence, expletives, and gore that is in most novels." -- Heidi Maloney, Amazon reviewer

After her favorite aunt is found dead and an alarming box is mysteriously left on the doorstep of her aunt's house now legally hers, Lavinia Esposito wants explanations. But, having cleared the package of explosives, the local cops are dumbounded by the precious stones which came without an explanation, just an address - her Aunt Livvy's. Frustrated by the cops' refusal to share their theories, criminal justice instructor Lavinia Esposito, a.k.a. Vinnie, takes investigation matters into her own hands. Vinnie is soon dragged into situations beyond her control, finding herself in hot water with the law, the crooks, and her Italian father. Willing to put her life at risk to find out what really happened to her beloved Aunt Livvy, and why jewels would be addressed to her aunt, Vinnie plunges ahead with her usual tenacity, bravery, and keen wits to solve and survive this mystery.

250 pages, with a 3.5-star rating from 55 reviews.

On Unfaithful Wings (An Icarus Fell Novel), by Bruce Blake. (Still free?)

This urban fantasy was a semi-finalist in this year's Kindle Book Review's Best Indie Books of the year. You can download it free today!

"The next book in this series cannot come out soon enough for this reader. Not just my favorite Kindle book of the year, but one of my favorite books ever." -- Amazon reviewer

"Bruce Blake's On Unfaithful Wings is a great urban fantasy novel. I love good character development in a story's protagonist and Blake nails it with Icarus Fell. I found myself rooting for him from the get go and laughing out loud at some of his observations." -- Amazon reviewer

"On Unfaithful Wings was an impressive first novel. All of the characters were interesting and engaging, but in particular the main character and his struggle to reconcile with his new identity/job. This is one of those stories that stays with me long after I read it and I'll be on the lookout for more from this author."  -- Amazon reviewer

On Unfaithful Wings (An Icarus Fell Novel #1)

To some, death is the end; to others, a beginning. To Icarus Fell, it should have been a relief from a life gone seriously awry.

But death had other plans.

Icarus doesn't believe that the man awaiting him when he wakes up in a cheap motel room is really the archangel Michael, or that God's right hand wants him to help souls on their way to Heaven. Icarus doesn't believe there's a Heaven, so why should they want his help?

But the man claiming to be the archangel tempts him with an offer he can't ignore--harvest enough souls and get back the life he wished he'd had.

It seems Icarus has nothing to lose, until he botches a harvest and the soul that went to Hell instead of Heaven comes back to make him pay by threatening to take away the life he hoped to win back.

To save the wife and son he already lost once, Icarus will have to become the man he never was. Somehow, he will have to learn to believe.

262 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 44 reviews.

Letters From My Sister: On Love, Life and Hair Removal, by Eve Lederman. (Still free?)

This clever, funny, and ribald memoir is free today! Full of warmth and joie de vivre.

"A racy conversation worth wiretapping, and an uproarious celebration of free speech." -- Matthew Cooper, White House correspondent, Time Magazine

"An entertaining and tantalizing literary lap dance." -- Wayne Fisk, Director of Programming, ABC Broadcasting

"The Lederman sisters serve up a warm slice of life on the edge, with an edge. A thoroughly enjoyable tale..." -- Michael Molyneux, staff editor, City section, The New York Times

Letters From My Sister is a collection of correspondence between two sisters whose offbeat adventures and observations run the gamut from men to careers to hair removal, earning an endorsement from the The New York Times’ City section editor as “a warm slice of life on the edge, with an edge.”

Nobody escapes a good kick in the "tuchos" as they lovingly ridicule everyone in their path—from their mother who plops a whole pickled tongue on the table like an autopsy to their beloved grandmother who heard about the class Eve took on how to break into porn. “Feh, I never really understood that stuff,” she responded dejectedly, like she had given it her best effort, but unlike the blintz, had never been able to master it.

The sisters' urban escapades include an exhaustive search for the inventor of Tweezerman (who developed his implement after sunbathing naked on an unfinished wooden deck), a meeting with a Scientologist Electrologist (a hair removal specialist devoted to L. Ron Hubbard) and a session with a shrink who asks Eve if she's ever considered suicide--hmm, was she inquiring or making a suggestion'

In their letters, the sisters strive to reassure each other, and their audience, that we are not alone in the search for the ultimate man, the perfect hair removal method or the ideal way to escape from a mental ward (one of Eve's more eccentric escapades). Through their correspondence, the sisters relate stories and reveal secrets in a way that only sisters can—with a raw openness and honesty derived from a lifetime of shared experiences that surpasses the bond of best friends. They laugh long and hard at themselves, empowering readers to do the same.

Check out Eve's CD of live spoken word performances,"GOING PUBLIC", on Amazon. Eve has told stories on stage at New York City's Bitter End, The Players Club, The Nuyorican Poets Cafe, and with The Liar Show at the Bryant Park Reading Room. She was a Grand Slam finalist with The Moth storytelling group and was named one of New York's "best emerging Jewish artists" by the Museum of Jewish Heritage.

212 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 9 reviews.

Maid for the Billionaire (Book 1) (Legacy Collection), by Ruth Cardello. (Still free?)

Over 250 five-star reviews for this contemporary romance! Free today!

"The story was fast paced and funny and not nearly as predictable as I expected it to be. There was a great character setup and by the end of the book I'd fallen for all of the characters and I can't wait to discover the rest of their stories." -- Meg13, Amazon reviewer

Dominic Corisi knew instantly that Abigail Dartley was just the distraction he was looking for, especially since having her took a bit more persuading than he was used to. So when business forces him to fly to China, he decides to take her with him, but on his terms. No promises. No complications. Just sex.

Abby has always been the responsible one. She doesn’t believe in taking risks; especially when it comes to men - until she meets Dominic. He’s both infuriating and intoxicating, a heady combination. Their trip to China revives a long forgotten side of Abby, but also reveals a threat to bring down Dominic’s company. With no time to explain her actions, Abby must either influence the outcome of his latest venture and save his company or accept her role as his mistress and leave his fate to chance. Does she love him enough to risk losing him for good?

221 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 485 reviews.

Planet Explorers Walt Disney World 2013: A Travel Guide for Kids, by Laura Schaefer. (Still free?)

Planning a trip to Walt Disney World in 2013? Smart visitors plan ahead, and you'll find plenty of great tips in this guide. Free today!

"Tips and history was well written. Laura Schaefer did an awesome job, and everything is current and accurate." -- Amazon reviewer

"Planet Explorers has latched onto a truly novel concept: why not create a series of ebooks designed specifically to meet the needs of these future world explorers?" -- Edward Lee, Trekscribbler

"Laura Schaefer's Planet Explorers books for kids are outstanding. They are the future of guidebooks, and while they were written for kids, I absolutely love them. I hope Schaefer writes books for every city in the world, because she's really onto something..." -- Robin Landry, Amazon Vine Voice


Explore the planet with this Walt Disney World guidebook written just for kids. This fun and informative ebook includes everything an 8-12 year-old needs to know about Walt Disney World, including information about attractions in all four of the parks, food options near favorite rides, shows and Disney resorts.

Children are what Walt Disney World is all about. Why not buy an affordable guidebook written just for them? Let older children plan out your days in the park and give them a useful tool to do it. They'll love the interactive hyperlinks and interesting trivia about Walt Disney throughout. These links fire up learning and make a Walt Disney World vacation even richer for the whole family.

Every area and attraction of Walt Disney World is covered and given a notation of S (Scary), A (Awesome), T (Thrilling), D (Dark), or W (Wet) when necessary. Fastpass attractions are marked as well. There is a section devoted to each of the theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disney's Animal Kingdom. Another large section describes the rest of Walt Disney World, including Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, Downtown Disney, each Walt Disney Resort and several food spots. Finally, the book wraps up with a short quiz, "Disneyisms," and interactive links about several Disney Imagineers.

The book contains tween-friendly descriptions of what's what at Walt Disney World for 2013 and includes useful tips at the end of each park section to help time-crunched families get more excitement out of each day. Now kids can help plan the family vacation.

From fun facts to history, attraction highlights to quizzes, Planet Explorers guidebooks have it all.

Don't miss the other titles in the exciting Planet Explorers series for 8-12 year-old travelers. There's Disney Cruise Line, Walt Disney World Swimming Pools, Epcot, SeaWorld Orlando, Planet Explorers Disneyland, Disneyland Paris Resort, Planet Explorers London, Planet Explorers New York City, Planet Explorers Chicago, Planet Explorers Philadelphia, Planet Explorers Las Vegas, The Walt Disney World Character Finder, Universal Orlando Resort, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and LEGOLAND Florida. Have fun!

127 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 13 reviews.

Here is today's selection of free and bargain Kindle books!

Document 512, by Thomas Lopinski. (Still free?)

This Sci-Fi thriller is free today!

"This is a terrific book. I dove right in, not really appreciating until much later when I returned to it just how much research, exploration and passion was poured into the story. It's a page turner to say the least, and I especially liked how a few unlikely characters rise to harrowing occasions and out-think and outpace the bad guys. What an adventure! The blend of historic lore and new views on physics is really clever and propel the story at swift pace. The imagery throughout - jungles, mountains, etc. is beautiful and sometimes challenging (back to that physics note!)." -- TKFly, Amazon reviewer

While vacationing in South America with her father, young Renee Gorman soon realizes that a haunting learning disorder that has plagued her from childhood is the key to deciphering the clues in an old manuscript unlocking the powers of a mystical amulet. The symmetrical number or symbol "512" follows her everywhere, beckoning to be understood. Consequently, she attracts the attention of several unscrupulous characters who, hoping to profit from her discovery, chase her through a series of unnaturally carved tunnels that stretch from the ancient ruins of Tiahuanaco to the majestic peaks of Machu Picchu and eventually lead her to the legendary kingdom of Akakor, buried deep in the Amazon Rainforest. Along the way, she befriends a few travelers who help her evade capture and meets an Indian prince who might just be her true soul mate. Together, they unravel the secrets of a hidden world older than civilization itself, where the laws of quantum physics seem to transcend the boundaries we know here on earth. Document 512 delivers a combination of suspense, deceit, adventure, and intrigue that enlightens as it entertains, while making you question who we really are and where it is we come from.

"Document 512" is a work of fiction. Many historical facts and descriptions of places were embellished upon and modified to fit in with the storyline.

332 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 6 reviews.

Here's a bargain Kindle book, available for 99 cents today!

A Squirrel Came To Stay (Adventures of MikiSquirrel), by Gennita. (Still $0.99?)

This real-life story of a pet squirrel is sure to delight young children. It's today's bargain book at $0.99!

There is also a print version of this book, worth looking at as a children's book that is fun to hold and fun to read!

"Adorable tale! Ever wonder what happens to baby squirrels who lose their mother? They are adopted by roofers, of course! The story of Miki and her new home is so cute. The book has lots of pictures to amuse small children, and since this is a pet squirrel it is definitely not something one sees every day!" -- Sarah, Amazon reviewer

A baby squirrel fell from a tree and found her new family, Roofer Girl and her fur kiddies.

32 pages, with a 5-star rating from 5 reviews.

For even more free books, browse through the Quick Pick table below! Today's selection includes a couple of diet books, just in time for those New Year's resolutions.

Freebie Quick Picks!
A Dyeing Shame (A Myrtle Clover Mystery), by Elizabeth Spann CraigWhen Beauty Box beautician Tammy Smith is discovered with a pair of hair shears in her back, there are suspects and secrets aplenty in her small Southern town.

Octogenarian Myrtle Clover, b...
Covert Reich, by A.K. AlexanderYoung, homeless, pregnant minority women and their unborn infants are dying in the emergency rooms in East Los Angeles...

When three pregnant, homeless women die within a week of one anoth...
Weight Loss Success: How to Lose Weight and Have Fun Doing It, by Joan Marie VerbaA note from the author:
Like you, I have lost weight and gained it back. I have started exercise programs and not stuck to them. But, in 1979, I lost weight and have kept it off since then.
How To Stick To A Diet: The Ultimate Guide To "Hacking" Your Brain For Unstoppable Motivation And Lifelong Diet Success, by Derek DoepkerHas modern psychology uncovered powerful but simple mind "hacks" that allow you to literally rewire your brain for unstoppable motivation'

In "How To Stick To A Diet", you'll discover wha...

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