Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Author profile: Daniel Peyton, author of "The Crystal Needle"

In today's author profile, we introduce Daniel Peyton, author of the work of historical fiction / mythology "The Crystal Needle."

Daniel was born in Stillwater, Oklahoma and lived there for 18 years.  He moved to Tennessee and began working at a local video story, then at a major department store.

He has been writing since he was in fourth grade. In high school he won the national PTA reflections contest for writing. In 2007 he published his first novel, The Jalan Chronicles: Eyes of Amaterasu. In 2011 he published his second novel, The Crystal Needle. Most recently he has published a Christmas novella, The Crystal Needle: A Christmas To Remember.

He works as a volunteer in his churches food pantry, as a professional Okinawan performer, Okinawan taiko drummer, and a ghost writer for online games. Insecure, shy, quiet: these are not qualities of Daniel Peyton. He was once quoted as saying "I have been compared to Mercedes Lackey, Patricia McKillip, and Anne McCaffrey, and I have one thing to say to that, I AM NOT A WOMAN!"

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  1. I love this profile. I learn more about the awesome author you are.