Friday, December 28, 2012

Kindle Fire Free App of the Day: Edge Extended plus Bonus App

Today's Free App of the Day is EDGE Extended
Originally $2.99

Move a cube around a "geometric" universe. You can move the cube by pushing it with your finger or tilting the device. Or by telekinesis. ;)

11 of 11 reviews are four stars and above.

In case y'all missed it, there's a $1 MP3 bonus if you pick up one of three apps by Smule.
I love Magic Piano.

And there's also Songify:

(Note: Magic Piano and Songify are shown as NOT compatible with the original Kindle Fire.

The third app is AutoRap and is not shown as compatible with either the original Fire or Fire HD8.9.

Buy one of three Smule apps and get $1 in MP3 credit. After completing your purchase, you will receive an e-mail indicating that a $1 credit for Amazon MP3 music has been applied to your account automatically. The e-mail will also provide instructions on how to redeem your credit.

These apps are compatible with the original Fire and with my Fire HD 8.9" 4G. To tell if an app works for your Fire HD or other Android device registered to your Amazon account, click on the above link and look on the right side of the web page.  Amazon will tell you if it will work with your registered device.

Have fun!

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