Monday, December 17, 2012

"SindleApp" - easily create your own personal doc of web content

We'd like to introduce you to a service that may be of interest to many Kindle owners: SindleApp.

SindleApp (link) solves three main problems for Kindle owners:

1. Having to pay every time you want to read something new on your device.

i 2. Reading your favorite online content off your computer monitor when you have a device that's perfect for reading.

3. Not having a steady stream of new reading material.

SindleApp is a web application where you can create your very own customized Kindle magazine from your favorite blogs and websites.

It is incredibly easy to get started:

1. Create an account and specify your "deliver to" email.

2. Start a magazine and specify how often you want it issued to you and at what time.

3. Add your favorite websites and blogs to it.

SindleApp will constantly check your favorite websites for new content. Every new post from the websites will be added to your Kindle formatted magazine. Your magazine will then be delivered to your "deliver to" email address as an attachment. The email will also include a list of articles and their short descriptions that are in the magazine. You can then forward it to your Send-to-Kindle email address where it will be automatically synced to your Kindle or you can download the attachment and move the magazine to your Kindle manually with a USB cable.

Your magazine can be distributed every day, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 days, week, or 2 weeks. You can create up to 5 magazines. Create magazines for each topic you're interested in, news, Kindle news, technology, health, anything you want! SindleApp even let's you subscribe to your friend's magazines.

SindleApp uses website's RSS feeds to check for content but you don't even to know what an RSS feed is. Just enter in the url of the website you want to add and SindleApp will find it for you and start checking it for new articles. It also uses a special algorithm to extract the full article and not just what the RSS feed contains.

SindleApp is being used in some exciting ways.

Jim from New York takes the subway every day to work. He doesn't want the hassle of having to buy and transport a physical newspaper on his commute. He created a "News" magazine and added his favorite news websites to it. He has it delivered to him every morning at 7am so he can read his morning news on his Kindle in the subway.

Jill from Arizona loves to keep her body in tip top shape and is very interested in new recipes and work out tips. She created a magazine and added her favorite recipe and workout blogs to her magazine. She has it delivered every Wednesday at 11am. During her lunch break she eats lunch at a park right next to her office. She fires up her Kindle and gets healthy meal ideas and workout tips to keep things fresh.

Jason from Texas loves everything technology. He created a Tech magazine and added his favorite tech news sites to it. He has his magazine delivered every day at 8pm. He climbs into bed every night with a new magazine waiting for him. It's perfect for him to wind down from the day and stay up to date with the tech scene.

SindleApp gives readers their favorite web content on their favorite reading device for only $19.99 a year. As KindleBoards members, you can sign up at half the cost, $9.99, for one year - just enter "KBOARDS12" as a discount code. This offer will expire shortly so take advantage of it now!

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