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Free and bargain Kindle books! (Friday Dec 21)

Here is today's selection of free and bargain Kindle books!

THAT GIRL STARTED HER OWN COUNTRY (The Count of Monte Cristo), by Holy Ghost Writer. (Still free?)

This mystery adventure features The Count of Monte Cristo, and is written by the adored "Holy Ghost Writer". Grab it free today!

"It is one of those books that once you get into the flow of it, you will not want to stop reading and I think that I may have never read a book as fast as I did with this one. The storyline is fantastic and it kept me griped from the start all throughout the whole book. I truly got lost in this book which is a thing that rarely happens to me. My only wish is that this book was longer as I didn't want it do end. It is a great book which captured my imagination with an awesome adventure storyline and plot. " -- S Murphy, Amazon reviewer

"The latest mystery by Holy Ghost Writer dazzles with a tale of computer hacking, legal wrangling and kung-fu fighting.

International playgirl and jet-setter Zaydee is in love with investigative journalist Steven Larson, who is writing an exposé of the Bilderberg Group. Zaydee believes Larson is in danger, so she hatches a complicated plan to help him by providing him with a safe house and starting up a new publication for him, staffed by computer hackers. However, when Zaydee is set up and betrayed by her investment broker, the FBI arrests her. Since she refuses to identify herself, the FBI agents book her under the clever name “Princess Jane Doe.” However, she manages to take full advantage of her new royal title by using the esoteric Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act as part of an international legal procedure to defend herself, without legal counsel, against unknown charges. As Zaydee becomes a media celebrity, her true identity remains a mystery to both the FBI and the general public. The author fills each chapter with intrigue, following Zaydee as she plots her escape from prison. The increasingly elaborate plot also features a math-genius professor and Yale University’s Skull and Bones secret society. The author effectively keeps the reader guessing each character’s allegiance as well as Zaydee’s eventual endgame. In the end, readers may be left wondering about the mysterious and colorful Zaydee’s true backstory—as well as author Holy Ghost Writer’s true identity." Kirkus Reviews

118 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 116 reviews.

Bastard Husband: A Love Story, by Linda Lou. (Still free?)

This is more than just a comedy - it's a funny and poignant look at life after divorcing an alcoholic, all for free today!

"I enjoyed every minute of reading the book. Linda Lou's writing is honest and real. I related to so much of her love story and admire her strength, humor and ability to fall yet, get back up and keep on going again and again. In her voice, there is something for everyone reading the book, not just those that have dealt with divorce or loss but those that may need the courage to take a different road. This is a must read! " -- Simone Moland, Amazon reviewer

Bastard Husband: A Love Story is a humorous account of the author's first year alone in Las Vegas after a midlife divorce from someone who was the perfect soulmate--until that one drink too many. The book is threaded with reflections of the relationship and shows how she transitioned from anger and sadness to doing stand-up comedy for the first time at age 46. Funny and sad, demented and poignant... all at the same time.

278 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 50 reviews.

FAMILY PIECES, by Misa Rush. (Still free?)

There is mystery, heartache, loss and finding home -- what a great recipe for a novel! Get it free today!

"I really did enjoy this book. Couldn't put it down. If you like a good family book this is for you. Even made me tear up on several occasions. I will definitely read this again sometime. That's one way to tell a really good book. Hope to see more from this author. " -- atabarac, Amazon reviewer

Karsen Woods’s life seems charmed, from her hunkalicious boyfriend to her picture-perfect midwestern roots. Away at college, even the necklace she wears serves as a constant connection home - a family tradition created when her grandfather handmade each immediate relative an interlinking charm. Each piece crafted in the shape of a puzzle piece, each one interlinking perfectly together. But when the unexpected death of her mother turns her world upside down, she discovers there is a missing piece of her treasured family tradition, and her life as she once knew it may never be the same.

Addison Reynolds resides in her posh Manhattan condominium and wraps her personal identity around running Urbane, the magazine empire built by her father. In a moment of haste, Addison divulges her deepest secret to her closest friend Emily – a secret she never intended to disclose.

Could one choice, one secret, bond two unlikely women forever?

264 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 44 reviews.

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The Black Mile, by Mark Dawson. (Still free?)

This paranormal mystery is set during WWII, highly reviewed and free today!

"I was drawn in from the start and despite the many characters I found it easy to follow and intriguing. Dawson has obviously researched this well as the language and historical detail were believable and accurate. A great twist at the end. Read it won't regret it ! " -- Tamsin, Amazon reviewer

#1 Amazon bestseller in "Mysteries and Thrillers"

Best-selling author Mark Dawson makes his stunning Kindle debut with a thriller that has earned multiple "5-star" rave reviews from readers in the UK and US.

London, 1940: the Luftwaffe blitzes London every night for fifty-seven nights. Houses, shops and entire streets are wiped from the map. The underworld is in flux: the Italian criminals who dominated the West End have been interned and now their rivals are fighting to replace them. Meanwhile, hidden in the shadows, the Black-Out Ripper sharpens his knife and sets to his grisly work.

Henry Irving is a disgraced reporter on a Fleet Street scandal rag. Genius detective sergeant Charlie Murphy is a fresh face in the Metropolitan police, hunting corrupt colleagues but blinkered by ambition and jealousy. His brother, detective inspector Frank Murphy, searches frantically for his runaway daughter, terrified that she will be the killer's next victim.

As the Ripper stalks the terrified streets, the three men discover that his handiwork is not quite what it seems. Conspirators are afoot, taking advantage of the chaos to settle old scores. The murders invade the lives of the victims and victimizers on both sides of the law, as everyone is sucked deeper and deeper into Soho's black heart.

Based on a little known true story, The Black Mile is a rollercoaster ride of a novel that was previously the most downloaded novel on the Kindle Store.

If you enjoy the thrillers of James Elroy, Peter James and Dennis Lehane, you'll love THE BLACK MILE.

Praise for Mark Dawson

'A brilliant debut novel from a very promising writer.' Subject

'Ultra-addictive, super-stylish - a viciously good novel.' Toby Litt.

'A talent to be watched.' Birmingham Post

Praise for The Black Mile

'This is far and above the best small/independently published novel I have ever had the pleasure of reading.' The Kindle Book Review

'Dawson has shown himself to be a true master of suspense'. Siobian Minish

'A first class historical mystery.' Luke Walker

'This book is worth it for the arcane London slang alone. Fascinating. If want to get a feel for what it was like during the early part of WWII this will knock you out. If you like character development you'll love it. If you like peeking in on the lives of people in a long gone world -- you really love it.' David E Johnson

373 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 32 reviews.

Notes to Self, by Avery Sawyer. (Still free?)

This YA adult novel is about growing up and about unraveling the truth about a traumatic brain injury - free today!

"The author does a great job of almost instantly relating to the main character and you will feel a wide range of emotions while you are reading it (I did) - frustrated, sad, confused, happy, and angry. For you adults reading this book, and I imagine the young adults also, you will find yourself periodically drifting back in time to when you were in high school and some of the petty jealousies and all-around jerks - and nice guys - you may have group up with in your town. This book also makes you think back and realize that life is full of choices and, unfortunately, you have to live with the choices you make: some of them work out great, some of them don't and you have to live with it for the rest of your life." -- Michael Gallagher, Amazon reviewer

"I usually don't read many books in the Young Adult category, but I am glad I read this one - I seriously think this could / should zoom up the charts and be a huge bestseller and I could also see this one being made into a smash summer movie." ~Michael Gallagher

"I started and finished this book in about 2 days- something I only do when a book grabs me and refuses to let me go." ~Amazon reviewer

"Notes to Self is an emotional journey that any woman, teenager or otherwise, can relate to. It made me think about my own formative years and that connected me to the narrator on a deep level. I recommend Notes to Self to readers who appreciate honest contemporary fiction." ~Amazon reviewer

"I recommend NOTES TO SELF very highly. The story is both inspirational and real, which is a difficult combination to pull off. This is a very powerful novel." ~Top 500 Reviewer

Two climbed up. Two fell down.
One woke up.

Robin Saunders is a high school sophomore with an awesome best friend, a hard-working single mom, and a complicated relationship with a sweet guy named Reno. She's coasting along, trying to get through yet another tedious year of high school, when Em suggests something daring. They live in Florida-- tourist central--and Emily wants to sneak into a theme park after midnight and see what they're made of.

When things get out of control, Robin wakes up in a hospital bed and Emily doesn't wake up at all. Just getting dressed becomes an ordeal as Robin tries to heal and piece together the details of that terrible night. Racing to remember everything in the hopes of saving Emily, Robin writes a series of notes to herself to discover the truth.
Gr. 8-12. Adult language.

168 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 72 reviews.

Here's a bargain Kindle book, available for 99 cents today!

CURE YOUR DEMOCRACY: The Infection, Spread and Treatment of Contagious Opinions, by John Cooker. (Still $0.99?)

This humorous political novel explores the 'virus' affecting America - being too opinionated! This unique and funny novel is a bargain at 99 cents today!

"A satirical, ironic, funny diagnosis of recent American history and current events. Highly entertaining. Like a cold shower--it is not necessarily comfortable but cleansing and refreshing. John Cooker displays insight into and analysis of almost forgotten people and events. Under the layers of wit and good-natured irony is the implication, "Cure your democracy." Or as an earlier writer put it, "Physician, heal thyself." This study will no doubt offend the pompous, the egotistical, the politicians and others who talk and talk and say nothing." -- Harry Pauley, Amazon reviewer

There’s an epidemic sweeping across America but no one’s taking it seriously. The infected look like normal Americans, at first, but then they open their mouths and foreign words leap out known only to inhabitants of their special nation: left coaster, mama grizzly, Obamacare, drill baby drill; or neocon, glass ceiling, teabagger, I didn’t inhale.

Drop the word “multiculturalism” and half of them will have an immediate allergy-like reaction. Their faces will turn red with fever as they glide away from you. Drop the phrase “lamestream media” and the other half will cringe and hold their brow with a splitting headache as they back away from you.

These otherwise normal Americans are obviously suffering from something. The author in this pioneering book has discovered what that is: severe, extremely contagious viral illnesses that are plaguing the entire country. He reveals here in layman’s terms the infection, spread and treatment of these viruses. They make us insanely ill and susceptible to conspiracy theories, and are so easily passed between individuals by speeches, handshakes and karaoke.

He discovers Viral Media is not just a figurative expression. One morning an infamous radio personality spouts off a misinformed, belligerent opinion. By that afternoon the author’s research subjects are repeating it with the same fever and refudiation. The viral words of the opinion had infected them and seemed to have taken possession of their minds like some voodoo zombie incantation.

No one is safe and many are contaminated. Treatments are provided so that they may become virus free and regain the ability to associate with those “other” Americans—those infected with the opposing virus.

If you are tired of the partisan arguing in our great country, this book is guaranteed to lift you to higher ground and make you LOL.

From the Publisher
If the status quo of politics-as-usual causes a profound need in your brain for levity, this book is meant for you. It satirizes both camps of the finger pointing, bumper sticker mentality, while offering thought-provoking vantage points to view them.

As partisan passions grow ever more heated under America’s current political climate - further intensifying global warming - the rancor of debate becomes more foul and repelling. The narrator is a fictional researcher who has discovered the cause of this: highly contagious, heretofore undiagnosed viruses that plague the entire country. This tongue-in-cheek metaphor provides for the perfect examination of what ails America. It also allows the narrator to give satiric diagnoses and hilarious observations which are a most effective medicine for its remedy.
He reveals here in layman’s terms the infection, spread and treatment of these viruses. He interviews many of the fictionally infected incorporating various stimulants - such as burning the American Flag or watching Fox News - to measure the viruses’ parasitic effects. He discovers individuals consumed by viral illness in which they believe Pollsters to be scantily clad dancers who use polls to hold onto while they strip tease and seductively ask what your opinions are. Others believe Women’s Liberation was actually women breaking free from their prisons of suburban boxes filled with torture instruments of stoves and ironing boards, chained to Electrolux Vacuums and glued to daytime soap-operas.

Viral media is true. People really do become infected. No one is safe and many are contaminated. No need to worry as the author provides treatments that America sorely needs if it is to become well and regain its sense of red-blooded humor.

Humor is an essential treatment for the condition of Democracy.

266 pages, with a 4.8-star rating from 19 reviews.

The Texicans, by Jinx Schwartz. (Still free?)

Top ten in the Western genre - this wild west adventure is free today!

"If you are into history of the West read "The Texicans." This was her first book and a real page turner it is. I am a history buff and enjoyed every minute of it. Of course I may be a little prejudiced as my Dad's side were Texicans. Highly recommended." -- M Watts, Amazon reviewer

NOT another story about Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, Sam Houston and the boys.

Decades before Crockett, Bowie or Houston even set foot in Texas, Frederick Stockman was already there. Author Jinx Schwartz, a ninth-generation Texan, has delved deep into her ancestral roots to create this moving story of the Frederick Stockman familys' courageous determination to make Texas their home during the turbulent period between 1806 and 1836.
The Texicans was inspired by a Texas history book calling her ancestral clan a "congenial society for evil"--rogues "skilled in many forms of villainy" for their role in the tumultuous years of first Spanish, the Mexican rule.
Frederick Stockman and his family immigrate to Spanish Texas in 1806 to ranch, but soon find themselves inexorably drawn into the bitter conflict between Mexico and Spain. They join forces with a dashing young Spanish deserter, Miguel Gonzales, in his successful campaign to liberate Mexico and Texas from Spanish rule. Their ties are further cemented when Gonzales marries into the family.
As Heroes of Mexico, the Texicans--staunch supporters of Mexican rule for Texas--find themselves vilified by North American settlers illegally flocking across the unprotected border. These newcomers, calling themselves Texians, view Mexico, Mexicans and Texicans as the enemy. Targets of bigotry, the Texicans themselves are torn along cultural lines as their hero-turned-despot, General Santa Anna, propels them towards a deadly showdown.

243 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 8 reviews.

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