Sunday, December 9, 2012

Kindle Daily Deal: The Winter Rose (88% off!)

Today's KDD: The Winter Rose, by Jennifer Donnelly. Normally $15.99, now $1.99!

88% off, today only!

Amazon reviewer CoffeeGurl says "The Winter Rose, like The Tea Rose, is a beautiful family saga full of historical references and painful struggles. The backdrop of the London slums is the most appealing feature in this book. We read plenty of books about the rich and beautiful, the nobility and gentry, but very few about people who grow up poor and have to turn to a life of crime in order to survive. Sid Malone is a compelling character. He has depth, spirit and the survival instincts necessary to move in his circle. India is naïve, idealistic and independent. She wants to pursue her medical career the way she sees fit, even if her parents and fiancé disagree with her choices. The story hits the mark with the parallels between the slumdogs and the privileged. Are they so very different, especially when they are both as ruthless? If you've read The Tea Rose, you MUST read this one. Jennifer Donnelly is a wonderful author. I also loved A Northern Light and look forward to reading all future work. The one downside is that the novel feels a little too long at times, not quite as addictive as its predecessor, but that's no deal-breaker by a long shot. Trust me, you'll love this."

It has been twelve years since a dark, murderous figure stalked the alleys and courts of Whitechapel. And yet, in the summer of 1900, East London is still poor, still brutal, still a shadow city to its western twin. Among the reformers is an idealistic young woman named India Selwyn-Jones, recently graduated from medical school. With the help of her influential fiance--Freddie Lytton, an up-and-coming Liberal MP--she works to shut down the area's opium dens that destroy both body and soul. Her selfless activities better her patients' lives and bring her immense gratification, but unfortunately, they also bring her into direct conflict with East London's ruling crime lord--Sid Malone.
India is not good for business and at first, Malone wants her out. But against all odds, India and Sid fall in love. Different in nearly every way, they share one thing in common--they're both wounded souls. Their love is impossible and they know it, yet they cling to it desperately. Lytton, India's fiance, will stop at nothing to marry India and gain her family's fortune.
Fractious criminal underlings and rivals conspire against Sid. When Sid is finally betrayed by one of his own, he must flee London to save his life. Mistakenly thinking him dead, India, pregnant and desperate, marries Freddie to provide a father for hers and Sid's child. India and Sid must each make a terrible sacrifice--a sacrifice that will change them both forever. One that will lead them to other lives, and other places...and perhaps--one distant, bittersweet day--back to each other.

Features: text-to-speech, X-ray enabled.

732 pages. 4.5-star rating with 126 of 140 reviews four stars and above.

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