Sunday, December 23, 2012

Kindle Daily Deal: Too Good To Be True (87% off)

Today's KDD: Too Good To Be True, by Benjamin Anastas. Normally $14.99, now $1.99!

87% off, today only!

Amazon reviewer C. Dougherty says "With pain, love and connection Benjamin Anastas illuminates his tortured descent from fine young celebrated 'next best thing' author, through the panic of failing and the final stop as a man who counts change to go to the grocery store. Understanding his hubris, fear, youthful certainty and, always, love and connection for his child, he finds himself at this bottom. More humane, humble and wise he is prepared to accept complexity, let go of ego and hold on fiercely and with gratitude to his loved ones. It is a sad, thoughtful and ultimately hopeful memoir."

When he was three, in the early 1970s, Benjamin Anastas found himself in his mother’s fringe-therapy group in Massachusetts, a sign around his neck: Too Good to Be True. The phrase haunted him through his life, even as he found the literary acclaim he sought after his 1999 novel, An Underachiever’s Diary, had made the smart set take notice. Too Good to Be True is his deeply moving memoir of fathers and sons, crushing debt and infidelity—and the first, cautious steps taken toward piecing a life back together.“It took a long time for me to admit I had failed,” Anastas begins. Broke, his promising literary career evaporated, he’s hounded by debt collectors as he tries to repair a life ripped apart by the spectacular implosion of his marriage, which ended when his pregnant wife left him for another man. Had it all been too good to be true' Anastas’s fierce love for his young son forces him to confront his own childhood, fraught with mental illness, divorce, and the fumes of hippiedom. His father’s disdain for money might have been in line with the ’70s zeitgeist—but what does it mean when you’re dumping change into a Coinstar, trying to scrounge enough to buy your son a meal' Charged with rage and despair, humor and hope, this unforgettable book is about losing one’s way and finding it again, and the redemptive power of art.

Features: text-to-speech, X-ray enabled. Kindle Owner Lending library enabled.

195 pages. 3.5-star rating with 22 of 39 reviews four stars and above.

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