Friday, December 28, 2012

Free and bargain Kindle books! (Friday Dec 28)

Here is today's selection of free and bargain Kindle books!

Crazy for Cowboy, by Roxy Boroughs. (Still free?)

This steamy romance has an actor playing a cowboy sweeping a real cowgirl off her feet. But how long can he keep up his charade? Get it free today!

"From the moment I started reading Crazy for Cowboy, I knew I was going to love it. There are tons of great one-liners, the characters are fun and engaging, and since I'm a sucker for a strong, sexy, vulnerable hero, I was cheering all the way for the "cowboy" to win his girl! I laughed out loud as I was reading, and found myself anxiously flipping the pages to see what would happen next. Kudos to Roxy Boroughs for spinning another winning tale. Job well done! " -- Pamela Yaye, Amazon reviewer

She’s through with cowboys. But this one’s the 'reel' deal.

Equine veterinarian, Emily Grant, has had her share of cowboys, and they always break her heart. After vowing to give them up forever, Brandon Hollister strides into her life.

He’s a different kind of cowboy, one that works on the silver screen. But is he just playing the part when it comes to love' Or can this gorgeous hunk get past a case of mistaken identity, and escape from the "Houston" character he's portraying, to become the man to win Emily’s heart.

A 50,000-word sweeter romantic comedy.

150 pages, with a 4-star rating from 12 reviews.

Finding Home (Lawes' Raiders, Book 1), by Mike Engleman. (Still free?)

With over 4000 pages, this western epic shows all sides of 19th century Texas. Get it all for free today!

"This was an excellent tale about a man who lived the hard life during Texas' formative years. The characters were well developed and believable, and the story was a good read! I look forward to the MOVIE!! " -- Bill Vaughan, Amazon reviewer

At first glance, the Lawes’ Raiders series of historical novels would appear to be memoirs written by an old man with a sixth-grade education who played a major role in 19th Century Texas. The Captain of a Texas Rangers Company sent to deep South Texas to protect the region’s people, he tells tales of lawmen fighting the violence of Mexican incursions into the U. S.

His simple, often ungrammatical words, tell much more than stories of Texas History. They—all 4,046 handwritten pages of them—speak of simple men with a simple wisdom that does not question miracles, be they the magic that enables a gentle man to commit unspeakable violence or the miracles that are inexplicable.

Call it a “saga” or an “epic,” but Lawes’ Raiders is about a quest of one simple man to become a person he never thought he could be. It is also a story of power and its impact on a good, simple soul.

As the books’ covers say, Daryl Aaron Lawes’ story is one of “bravery, comradeship, violence, loss and some miracles, too, (with some guffaws thrown in, just for fun).

4.8-star rating from 37 reviews.

Path of the Jaguar, by Vickie Britton. (Still free?)

This romantic suspense novel is set in Mexico city and has a little Mayan history thrown in. Grab it while it's free!

"The setting and quest for this tale was fascinating. I did enjoy the many twists in the book, but the slave-like attachment of the heroine to the archeologist was somewhat annoying. I felt as if I was actually walking in the Mayan jungle at times, excellent scenic descriptions. Quite a page turner. " -- Iris Blue, Amazon reviewer

When Lennea Andrew's traveling companion, Delores, mysteriously vanishes in the bustling Mexico City airport, Lennea has no choice but to trust handsome Joseph Darrigo, who gallantly comes to her aid. The handsome, dark-eyed stranger helps her get through customs and escorts her to Merida, where she is to work with renowned archaeologist Wesley Hern.

When Lennea finds a large amount of money in a secret compartment in Delores' luggage, she becomes tangled in a web of intrigue. Where did the money come from? And what of the handsome stranger Lennea has come to trust? Is Joseph Darrigo really who he claims to be, or is he, along with Delores, involved in some illegal scheme?

200 pages, with a 4-star rating from 14 reviews.

Rush To Destiny, by L. J. MARTIN. (Still free?)

Here's a historical action novel that features the adventures of Edward Fitzgerald Beale. Get it free today!

"Since I love these types of histories, especially one as exciting as this, I dove right into the book, much of the story being known to me from previous readings. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the in-depth stories and insights into early California history. I have to say that I was not disappointed at all by this book, Edward Fitzgerald Beale's interesting life was well written and delivered. " -- Jane, Amazon reviewer

RUSH TO DESTINY is based on the early life of the west's most quintessential hero, Edward Fitzgerald Beale. Ned Beale crossed the country horseback 13 times, he was the hero of the Battle of San Pasqual, the leader of the great camel experiment, carried the first evidence of the California gold rush to congress, fought the slave trade, was an Indian agent in California, and so much more. Beale's exploits eclipsed those of Fremont, Stockton, Custer, and even Kit Carson's, who said of Beale, "I can't believe this man, Ned Beale." My finest compliment as an author came from a California high school history teacher who said, "my students learn more California history from your book than from all their texts, ...and love doing it." Don't miss the adventures of this true hero.

440 pages, with a 5-star rating from 6 reviews.

Morning Star, by Randy Mixter. (Still free?)

A young girl is sick with an incurable disease, until she meets a mystical horse at Walker ranch. Get it free today!

"There is no warming up and easing into this read. Through the eyes of the unexpected you are sent leaping straight into the heart of a loving family on a battle ground of the worse kind. Author Randy Mixter knows the dance played by inner demons, and the physical, emotional battles that are fought to make what is said impossible, possible in real life! He uses this knowledge well to create a powerful yet, heart-warming message of hope for those who believe in family, and those who are willing to fight the impossible." -- Mammy, Amazon reviewer

A Child. A Horse. A Miracle.
Eight year old Dannie Walker is fighting for her life. Her doctors have told her father she has an incurable disease. All hope is lost. Or is it? A mysterious horse has come to the Walker ranch. A horse that may have mystical powers. His name is Morning Star and he might be Dannie's only hope.

"Morning Star is a very captivating and fast-paced story about a sick little girl and a special horse. Randy Mixter has created a highly descriptive, magical, and upbeat tale for young and old alike!"
Mary Jean O'Keefe

140 pages, with a 4.8-star rating from 4 reviews.

Here's a bargain Kindle book, available for 99 cents today!

Young Moon (Water Worlds), by H.S. St.Ours. (Still $0.99?)

This bargain book is set in the future and follows Young Moon, a young Chinese girl. This adventure has space travel and science fiction. Get it today for only 99 cents!

"So rare to find an author who doesn't tie up all the loose ends, who lets the plot flow naturally even if some main characters go missing (presumed dead) and who is willing to let readers supply part of the story themselves. So rare to find such great science fiction! " -- Amazon reviewer

Young Moon's father was Chinese on his mother’s side, and he could go on and on talking about the miraculous accomplishments of the great Chinese people.

He said more than once that they were among the most blessed and privileged of nations. After all, they had dozens of astronauts -- yuhangyuans -- in orbit and on the Moon, and there was a small base on Mars, too, being built by robots. Even bigger stations -- the ring cities -- were planned.

Young Moon used to get uncomfortable and wished he would lower his voice. Their walls were thin in Wonsan and school taught her that this kind of talk was treason. Teacher said the Dear Leader would know if you didn’t pay proper respect to the glories of the Homeland, and he could get very cross with you if he found out. Every screen was two-way and you never knew if someone was watching.

All she wanted was to be left alone to talk to the visions in her drawings -- visions that came to warn her of impending danger. But a chance word spoken by an angry classmate would force Young Moon’s family to flee North Korea for China, where she would witness her father set in motion a world-shaking disaster of epic proportions.

"Young Moon" is Book 1 in the Water Worlds young adult science fiction adventure series.

134 pages, with a 4.8-star rating from 12 reviews.

Reluctant Gods, by A.J. Aaron. (Still free?)

Two 'gods' must right the wrongs from their past to fulfill their destiny. Get the first of this best selling fantasy series for free today!

"Reluctant Gods by A. J. Aaron is a romantic fantasy novel that starts 500 years ago with two lovers who have the powers of gods, Sevilen and Leyna. Through the consequences of come poor choices, Leyna is killed, and Sevilen determines to be reunited with her somehow. The book is a fun read, and explores some interesting aspects of Pagan and Christian beliefs. Overall, it's just a great story with a good moral - beware the consequences of your actions!" -- Lydia Alex, Amazon reviewer

Past lives and past mistakes echo themselves for over five hundred years until an ancient agreement with the Archangels manifests itself to remind Leyna and Sevilen of their destiny.

This is Leyna and Sevilen’s last chance to reunite and achieve the divine levels meant for them.

Engulf yourself in this tale of romance, denial, disbelief, and shattering of paradigms among an outrageous cast of characters.

Experience what it’s like to become a God.

245 pages, with a 3.8-star rating from 13 reviews.

Boswell Speaks: Volume 1, by Richard Grossman. (Still free?)

"Boswell Speaks" explores the idea of what would it would be like if a dog had a twitter account - what would he say about the world? Get this funny, philosophical story for free today!

"What an amazing find. Just when you thought there was nothing new in the literary world... How wonderful to find a universal journey wrapped with political irony and sarcasm told through the framework of poetry that intertwines the search for the meaning of the universe with the voice of a dog. A dog named Boswell no less." -- E MacHamden, Amazon reviewer

“I saw the meaning of life written in my kibble. But then I ate the message.”

Ever wonder what your dog is really thinking' And what would he say if he had a Twitter account of his own'

Boswell Speaks, a hilarious, illustrated novel in three short volumes by the award-winning author, Richard Grossman, reveals the inner thoughts and desires of man's best friend.

Based on the popular Twitter feed of Grossman’s real-life Australian Terrier pal (@BoswellSpeaks), the eBook trilogy follows the fun-loving Boswell and his magical friend, StuffyToy, on a mission to discover the secret meaning of the universe in the pattern of the kibble in his bowl.

As Volume 1 opens, Boswell finds himself unable to control his appetite and repeatedly wolfs down his kibble before he can receive the inspirational messages that are being served up at mealtime. Adding to his frustration is his failure to have his way with the alluring Lulu, a neighbor’s white Standard Poodle, who won’t give him the time of day.

In between meals and naps, Boswell and Stuffy report on the antics of the other colorful characters in the neighborhood, leading the pup and his chew-toy sidekick to tweet about things far beyond the confines of their kitchen, including Lady Gaga, Fox News, lap-band surgery, and the merits of financial analyst Jim Cramer’s stock predictions. Their surprising conversations provide raucous commentary on current events, politics, institutions, and personalities.

114 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 7 reviews.

Want even more free books? Browse through the Freebie Quick Picks table below!

Playing with Poison, by Cindy BlackburnPool shark Jessie Hewitt usually knows where the balls will fall and how the game will end. But when a body lands on her couch, and the cute cop in her kitchen accuses her of murder, even Jessie isn't...
Successful eBook Publishing: The Complete How-to Guide for Creating and Launching Your Amazon Kindle eBook, by David Wogahn"This book is not only the best ebook handbook I've ever read, it is one of the best publishing guides I've come across in 30 years. Everything you need to know is covered in clear, concise detail, wi...
Pearls of Deception (A Short Story), by Carolyn Arnold
A short story. 2700 words.

When Christina finds out her husband of twelve years is cheating on her, she takes justice into her own hands. The question is: will she get away with it'
Firestone (Talgard Series), by Damien J. Nash
Firestone: Book One of the Talgard Series

Toegan and h...

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