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Free and bargain Kindle books! (Thursday Dec 13)

Here is today's selection of free and bargain Kindle books!

Curiosity Killed The Kat: Book 1 (A Katherine Flynn Novel), by Elizabeth Nelson. (Still free?)

Mystery lovers: here's a Katherine Flynn mystery novel with over 35 four and five star reviews. Yours free today!

"When I first got this book I thought that it would be just a simple mystery. It's not. The author took it to another level. It builds up into an intensive story about deception and finding freedom. The suspense is high in this book. The author wrote a great story. It is short but full of action and great storytelling. There is a cliffhanger at the end of this book. I was a little bummed with that but I know that it fits with the story and keeps up the suspense. Overall I loved this book. I can't wait to read the rest of the series. I have to know what will happen with Kat. I recommend this book. Due to violence and sex scenes this is recommended for ages 18+." -- Amy's Book World

They Say Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold
Curiosity Killed The Kat Is A Brilliant Recipe Of Romance, Suspense, Crime, And Love 

Katherine ("Kat") thought she had the perfect marriage to International Lawyer Steven Flynn. Until he tried to kill her.

Katherine was the perfect obedient wife. She would do anything for her husband. That is, until she discovers he's the ring leader of a human trafficking organization. The action is fast and furious, the dialogue smart and the sex scenes hot. Meet Katherine in Curiosity Killed The Kat as she goes farther and farther down the rabbit hole of political intrigue, sex, and revenge. Will she let herself be saved by love or will curiosity and a thirst for killer justice kill the Kat?

What Readers Are Saying...

122 pages, with a 4.1-star rating from 47 reviews.

The Selkie Spell (Seal Island Trilogy, Book 1), by Sophie Moss. (Still free?)

How does "60 five-star reviews" sound for this mystical romance? Set in Ireland, this debut novel is warmly praised.

"I loved this book. Based on the selkie legend of Ireland, it's full of magic. The author obviously spent time in Ireland because the setting and references are completely authentic. The characters are charming, funny, intelligent and there's plenty of romance with lots of sexual tension. The pace is fast so get ready to read it in one sitting and then you'll be wanting the next book from this promising, talented young author." -- Rhiannon, Amazon reviewer

In this modern-day fairy tale romance, American doctor Tara Moore travels to an enchanted Irish island and discovers she has the power to break a 200-year-old curse. At first, Tara laughs off the villagers’ speculation that she is descended from a selkie—a magical creature who is bewitching the island. But when a ghostly woman appears to her with a warning, Tara realizes it was more than chance that brought her to this island. Desperate to escape a dark and dangerous past, Tara struggles against a passionate attraction to handsome islander Dominic O’Sullivan. But the enchantment of the island soon overpowers her and she falls helpless under its spell. Caught between magic and reality, Tara must find a way to wield both when a dangerous stranger from her past arrives, threatening to destroy the lives of everyone on the island.

233 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 103 reviews.

The Wander Year: One Couple's Journey Around the World, by Mike McIntyre. (Still free?)

This travel memoir takes you along with Mike and Andrea through their worldwide adventures. You'll enjoy this couple and their travel stories! Free today!

"Fun journey! I really enjoyed this book. While it read similar to a series of newspaper columns, that's what I expected based on the book introduction. I really enjoyed the sections on Nepal, China, and Chile. They gave me a feel for the people, the culture, and several potential travel ideas. The Jenny Xu story was touching. It was fun to be a third traveler on this journey." -- Amazon reviewer

From the author of the #1 Amazon Travel Bestseller The Kindness of Strangers

Mike McIntyre and his longtime girlfriend, Andrea Boyles, are in their early 40s and itching for a break. So they rent out their San Diego home--dog, cat and furniture included--and embark on a yearlong journey around the world. 

"We're not out to find ourselves, or even to lose ourselves," McIntyre writes early on. "We're merely seeking a pause in our routines." 

But the couple is soon swept up in the adventure of a lifetime: trekking in the Himalayas, traversing the Sahara on camel, scrambling over the temples of Angkor, crossing the world's largest salt flat in South America, scaling a New Zealand glacier. 

The book recounts the odyssey in 48 dispatches from 22 countries. Among them: birdwatching in Indonesia, a haircut from Vietnam's oldest barber, touring a notorious prison in Bolivia, haggling over rugs in Morocco, on safari in Nepal. McIntyre taps his self-deprecating humor to convey the joys, perils and frustrations of prolonged travel. When the couple ventures into a cyclone in Fiji on a rubber raft, he writes, "The absence of life jackets and paddles meant more room for our lunacy." And during a ride across India with a hired car and driver, he notes, "His passing technique was so precise, I could see my horrified expression reflected in the chrome bumpers of onrushing trucks." He also writes eloquently of such poignant moments as sleeping under the stars in North Africa, flying kites with a poor boy in Bali, and the death of a female tour guide in China. By journey's end, he's shucked much of his journalist's cynicism, and he stands in awe of a staggeringly beautiful world and the resilient souls who fill it.

The Wander Year is based on the popular series of the same name that ran in the Travel section of the Los Angeles Times. It includes an excerpt from the author's first travelogue, The Kindness of Strangers: Penniless Across America.

205 pages, with a 4-star rating from 39 reviews.

Sweetly Contemporary Collection - Part 2 (Sweetly Contemporary Boxed Sets), by Jennifer Blake. (Still free?)

Here's a box set of sweet romances - free today - from Jennifer Blake! These sweet stories are romantic but not too steamy. Get 'em free today!

Get all the passion without the sex in these early contemporary works by international bestseller and award-winning author Jennifer Blake.

A stolen moment. A ruthless captor. A handsome stranger. And a secret that binds them all.

Passport to love ... How can Maura concentrate on island romance when her thoughts keep turning to an arrogant but devilishly handsome Greek lover?

Clare agrees to play the role of movie star Logan Longcross' fiancée to keep a movie producer happy. But falling in love was never in the script.

Today only! Enter to win "Ten Kindle Gems" for the holidays: ten books, each ranked at the top of their genre!

Implant, by Michael Wallace and Jeffrey Anderson. (Still free?)

Here's a technothriller from Michael Wallace, acclaimed author of The Righteous thriller series! His co-author Jeffrey Anderson is a brain researcher with a doctorate in neurobiology from Northwestern University. The two are well equipped to tell this tale of neurosurgeon Julia Nolan - and her cortical implant work that leads to murder and a perilous chase.

"I enjoyed this book so much. It has something for everyone in it - medical thriller, espionage, romance. The premise was close enough to modern technology to be believable and who doesn't want to think there is a rogue wing of the CIA operating? The characters were well-defined and their motives and actions were understandable. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a change of pace in the spy/thriller genre. " -- L. Rodriguez, Amazon reviewer

Neurosurgeon Julia Nolan places cortical implants into the brains of field operatives to record data from their auditory and visual cortices. One of her subjects, an operative named Ian Westhelle, suffers a psychotic break and kills his handler before he can be recovered.

Julia tracks Ian to an asylum where the CIA warehouses insane former soldiers, scientists, and others with security risks too great for conventional psychiatric wards. Agents from the national intelligence directorate discover her snooping and target her for elimination.

A collaboration between international bestselling authors Michael Wallace and Jeffrey Anderson, Implant is a heart-pounding thriller that will keep readers guessing until the final, chilling conclusion.

326 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 37 reviews.

Down at the Golden Coin, by Kim Strickland. (Still free?)

Download, for free today, the book that ABC News says "couldn't be more timely or original, with the most eccentric spirit guide since Clarence the Angel."

"Strickland, in her second novel, effectively combines the earnestness of Frank Capra's It's a Wonderful Life with the didactic voice of The Secret. With its timely, relatable story peppered liberally with pop-culture references and religious conviction, Strickland's novel should strike a chord with readers who will relate to Annie's struggles and search for a happier future. A lesson in faith and the power of positive thinking, all nestled within a satisfying story. " -- Kirkus Reviews

During the horrible recession, former airline pilot, Annie Mullard, feels she has sunk to a new low when she’s forced to go to a run-down laundromat, the Golden Coin, after her washing machine breaks, but it’s here she meets a messiah. Even though twenty-something, blue-haired Violet can read minds, send Annie into past lives and levitate Tide, she isn’t anyone’s idea of a messiah. Yet Violet is equipped with the wisdom, love and humor to help Annie find a way to a more authentic life, one in which Annie is free to create her own reality and where money is not the key to happiness.

155 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 19 reviews.

An Island Between Two Shores, by Graham Wilson. (Still free?)

I love tales of the poles - Endurance, South, and The Worst Journey in the World. So I'm intrigued by this fictional work, described as both "brutal" and "beautifully written." Free today!

"An Island Between Two Shores will stay with me a long time. In a profound way, I identified with this young woman, who just wanted to survive the cruel, indifferent wilderness that preys on both the strong and the weak." -- Danielle Hill, The Hope Chest Reviews

"This was a book that I could not put down. Liana is a splendid character and her voyage to get off the island and back to civilization kept me on the edge of my seat. She is the woman I hope I could manage to be if I was in the same situation." -- Rita Reviews

"I was very impressed at the depth of emotion that the author could lead me to feel for the central character in such a short, 148 page novel, and I know that I will not forget Liana and her struggle to survive whatever the cost for a long time. I think the ending is one that you'll either love or hate. I found it surprising but clever - and undoubtedly the only one that could really finish the story to maintain the gritty realism it portrays from the very beginning. Five stars." -- Cheryl Pasquier, Madhouse Family Reviews

Discover a story that reveals how to risk everything to be true to yourself. Trapped on a desolate arctic island, Liana is pushed to the edge and must face her elemental fears. It is a haunting tale of the biting physical toil survival often requires. Graham Wilson simultaneously strips down the American adventure novel while broadening its concerns to encompass themes of compassion and belonging. It is a universal tale told with a simplicity and directness rarely seen today. An Island Between Two Shores is an unforgettable story of hope and possibility.

140 pages, with a 4.8-star rating from 12 reviews.

The Aunt Sally Team, by Flick Merauld. (Still free?)

This debut novel from Flick Merauld is based on a riotous summer spent playing the old fashioned English pub game of the same name.

"An endearing, delightful tale with flawed, quirky characters. Flick Merauld is a master weaver of tales. Although the script takes the reader into each character's personal storyline, the story moves smoothly from character to character in a balanced, harmonious flow. Some novels weave a great story yet leave a reader `hanging' as to the outcome of the lives of the characters. Flick treats her readers respectfully, bringing relationships amongst her characters to a sense of closure." -- Doreen E. Cox, Amazon reviewer

When Bill Green puts a notice in a post office window in Oxford, he hopes for a group of intellectually stimulating companions with whom to share long summer evenings playing Aunt Sally, a quaint, traditional English pub game. Instead he gets a zany assortment of characters, not one of whom lives up to his preconceptions.

Diana craves excitement after ending a comfortable but unchallenging relationship. But is she heading for trouble when she finds herself irresistibly drawn to Dante Blackthorn? He's handsome, charismatic and a feckless alcoholic and compulsive gambler, though his devil-may-care attitude and hazy sense of boundaries mask a sensitive and complex personality. His dissatisfied ex wife Beccy still hankers after him and his self-centred but vulnerable daughter Lucy hates the idea of a new woman coming into her Dad's life!

Best friends Lissa and Bethany are pagan teenagers who have their own coven but want to meet boys and have fun as well. Which is fine till Liss falls for someone and jeopardises the friendship.

Meanwhile Jason, a delinquent eighteen year old, has been forced to play Aunt Sally by his Dad and Uncle, who hope being part of the team will keep him out of trouble. When Lucy and Jason are attracted to each other, things get complicated, especially as Beth has set her sights on him as well.

Elderly widow Vera needs to put the past behind her. Will helping Jason fill a gap in her life and begin the process of healing?

And Rashi's family owns the George and Dragon pub where the Aunt Sally Team is based. He thinks his future is mapped out until he falls in love and is pulled between the culture he grew up in and the expectations of his Indian family.

With these and other characters thrown into the mix, the ensuing interactions and relationships become more and more entangled as the players progress through the season. From May Morning celebrations in Oxford to riotous Aunt Sally matches at idyllic Cotswold village pubs - with fun, drama, sex, romance and chaos along the way - by the end of the summer their lives will have been changed forever.

339 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 9 reviews.

Here's a bargain Kindle book, available for 99 cents today!

The Power of Visualization - Meditation Secrets That Matter The Most, by Sri Vishwanath. (Still $0.99?)

Today's bargain book is a concise primer on the power of meditation and visualization. Available for $0.99 today.

"In the end of this wonderful book the author gives wonderful examples of how to mediate in ways to bring your life to an awareness that will fill you will joy each day. I am excited to be able to read these words of encouragement and share them with others. I want to wake up each morning and meditate on that which is true, real and already known. If you want to change your life for the better, please be blessed and pick up a copy of this book today." -- Jackie Paulson, Amazon reviewer

You can have anything that you want if you can master the art of visualization.

There is only one skill in this world which can help you reveal your true potential. Every other skill will fall short in helping you remember your real nature. This book reveals the closely guarded secret of wise men and women.

Few greater gifts can be given to someone than to learn how to truly develop a method to grasp their own consciousness and unlock a remarkable scope of understanding of both themselves and the universe. Life-changing books are few in number, but here is one that conveys a remarkable breakthrough. No one will be the same after absorbing the contents of this mind-enlarging volume.

59 pages, with a 4.1-star rating from 16 reviews.

It's Your Time Now - A Guide to Living Your Life by Design, by Marquita Herald. (Still free?)

"In this book, the author makes you take a look at your life, and what you want, and act deliberately to bring about the changes in your life." -- Jami Ros

"Each of these quotes is a motivational gem, a challenge to reflect and an inspiration and hope towards a life well lived." -- Johann David Renner

"Powerful tools to maximize productivity, relieve stress and make life easier." -- Howard A. Vanes

When was the last time you took an honest look at the life you are living today? Does your reality represent a path you've chosen for yourself? Is it based on your dreams and created by decisions you've made about how you want to live each day?

Maybe you are living in "default" ... aware that some things are not working in your life and long for other things missing entirely but, for whatever reason, you believe change is not an option for you; you're too young or too old; have too much responsibility or not enough control. The truth is, regardless of circumstances, you can begin making intentional decisions, choosing your direction and creating your own life experience.

This is important - write this down. No matter where you are now, you are nowhere near where you are capable of going.There is no good time. There is no bad time. There is only your time now, and it is what you make it.

Newly updated and expanded to provide valuable tips and insight on planning to make the most of the promise for a New Year, It's Your Time Now will help bring into focus the steps to guide you on your personal journey to begin mastering your life by design.

136 pages, with a 4.9-star rating from 7 reviews.

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