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Free and bargain Kindle books! (2nd round, Tuesday Dec 25)

Here is today's selection of free and bargain Kindle books!

Ruby Lake, by Sherrill Willis. (Still free?)

See why reviewers describe this good humored contemporary work of fiction as "brilliant" and "delightful." Free today!

"A wonderful fun  comedic love story. Filled with quirky characters that will keep you chuckling and page turning to see what happens next. If you are a fan of Northern Exposure or Lake Wobegon, you will enjoy this read. Ms. Willis brings to life the small town charm of America and weaves the interactions of its characters in a masterful blend, reminding this reader of the genius, wit & humor of a modern day reincarnation of Mark Twain." -- Brady Overturf, Amazon reviewer

Sydney Myers has been through several failed relationships in the past year, in addition to several other trauma's, and is now giving up on finding her knight in dented armor. When her boss sends her to Ruby Lake, a small, rural town in northern Wisconsin, the last thing she was looking for was love at first sight, not to mention a place in the world where she finally fits. Add in her city-savvy best friend, a jealous ex-girlfriend, a famous father, and a coffee shop full of off-the wall characters, and it becomes more challenging for Sydney to manage than a spinning plate competition.

When disaster strikes close to home, Sydney is left with the unbearable choice of her family, or the life she has always dreamed of. Come with Sydney on her journey and laugh, cry and rediscover why some choices are not really choices at all, they are simply fate.

243 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 40 reviews.

Francesca of Lost Nation, by Lucinda Sue Crosby. (Still free?)

Winner of four literary prizes, this romantic suspense novel is highly praised for its warm writing. Follow its unforgettable characters through one memorable summer... free today!

"I loved the book." -- Garry Marshall, Hollywood director

"This is a book which is hard to put down. It is very well written with a sensitivity which will warm your heart. Funny at times and filled with little pearls of everyday wisdom, this book is as much a romantic thriller as it is a perfect little capsule of a time gone by. It is a book about love of all kinds - between grandmother and child, between child and dog, between man and woman. I would recommend this book to many and look forward to more books from Lucinda Sue Crosby." -- Shoma Mittra, Amazon reviewer

“Funny at times and filled with little pearls of everyday wisdom, this book is as much a romantic thriller as it is a perfect little capsule of a time gone by. It is a book about love of all kinds - between grandmother and child, between child and dog, between man and woman.”

An old fashion romance filled with life lessons on love, friendship, family and adventure.

This book is a light romance, adventure and coming of age novel, about an unconventional 59-year old woman, Francesca, and her resourceful 10-year old granddaughter, Sarah, who share the adventures of a lifetime over the summer of 1947 in Lost Nation, Iowa. Together, they enchant barnstorming pilots, wow Clinton County Fair attendees, conquer the skies, confront an escaped arsonist, discover how Lost Nation got its intriguing name, and eventually demonstrate to one another the greatest truth about love.

Anyone seeking a fun read with an old-fashion love story with some suspense, adventure, history and family saga will enjoy this book.

341 pages, with a 4.8-star rating from 42 reviews.

The White Tree (The Cycle of Arawn), by Edward W. Robertson. (Still free?)

Part of the #1 fantasy series on Amazon, you can download this first book in the series free today!

"Robertson has woven a masterpiece! This is an astounding adventure fantasy that will have you hooked from the get-go. "Nether" will be oozing from your brain by time you are finished and you will have two more heros to line up on your shelves. Robertson has made a story that shows not all heros have to always do the right thing to do the right thing." -- Albert Robbins, Amazon reviewer

Secrets don't like to stay hidden. In the kingdom of Mallon, all knowledge of the death god Arawn has been brutally quashed--but a teen named Dante has just found the dark god's holiest book.

Within days, Dante's attacked in the streets. Not by the city guard. By Arawn's own servants, long-hidden. Two things save his life: a big-mouthed bodyguard named Blays, and his own growing skill with the nether, the shadowy power that fuels the world.

But the attacks on Dante are just the first stirs of a larger threat. In the far north, Arawn's followers are rallied by a priestess named Samarand. Mallon is burning. To save their homeland, Dante and Blays will have to travel to a half-ruined city and assassinate the woman driving her people to war.

428 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 22 reviews.

Cold Open, A Sam North Mystery, by Greg Clarkin. (Still free?)

Newsman Pens Mystery; Joins Self-Pub Club. That would be the headline for former reporter Greg Clarkin, whose Sam North murder mystery novel is highly-praised, and free today!

"COLD OPEN is red hot when it comes to action. A terrific book with plenty of inventive twists and turns. And who could write it better than this? A real reporter, Greg Clarkin sums up the electricity and crackle of a newsroom with a deadly twist. COLD OPEN is great entertainment." -- Kitty Pilgrim, former CNN correspondent and author of The Stolen Chalice and The Explorer's Code

"Check out COLD OPEN...a thrilling mystery." -- Ali Velshi, CNN anchor

This is a fast-moving story, featuring engaging (and fast-talking) main characters. It's an entertaining refresh of a familiar genre for digital-age readers. A must for fans of detective stories. It's also nice to see the return of the hero-reporter." -- Bob V., Amazon reviewer

When the nation’s number one cable news anchor, turns up floating in the East River, the cops label it a suicide. But his gorgeous widow is convinced he was killed and carries a secret that proves it.

Now she has Sam North believing it. The story-hungry TV reporter starts nosing around and discovers what Jack Steele found out the hard way...asking questions can get you disturbing answers, maybe even killed.

294 pages, with a 4.8-star rating from 8 reviews.

Scarlette (A Paranormal Historical YA), by Davonna Juroe. (Still free?)

A dark fantasy set in the 18th Century, this paranormal has enthusiastic reviews and is free today!

"Scarlette is a book that combines historical events, paranormal (from a historical point of view) and a classic fairytale. If you like books that keep you guessing with mystery, I recommend this book. It is definitely one of my favourite retellings of the fairytale. 4.5 Bookmarks" -- A Journey Through Pages' Blog Review

"This book is a page turner. As a playwright, I crave true action and drama. This novel has it!" -- Lavonne Mueller, Playwright and Author

"This novel.... hit all its categories with punch and style. The paranormal kept me reading at night (even though I should have read it only during daylight hours!); it had a wonderful wealth of historical detail and richness; and it blossomed with the kind of romance completely appropriate for a YA audience." -- Kathy Dunnehoff, Author of the Amazon Best Seller, The Do-Over

What If Little Red Riding Hood Was Real?
Scarlette, an 18-year-old peasant, lives under a dark threat. A nightmarish creature lurks in the surrounding forest, killing the villagers one by one. When Scarlette's grandmother survives an attack, Scarlette learns that her grandmother hasn't suffered the bite of just any normal animal.

Now desperate, Scarlette searches throughout her province to find a cure. But there are those who want to keep their pasts hidden. As she begins to uncover the dark secrets of her village, Scarlette is befriended by a local nobleman and a woodcutter who share a gruesome history with the beast. To save her grandmother, Scarlette must unravel their mystery and solve an age-old crime. But as she pieces together the clues, Scarlette finds herself torn between the two men, both of whom want to be more than friends and hold the key to the cure.

Based on both the Grimm and Perrault versions of Little Red Riding Hood and set against the terrifying, historic Beast of GĂ©vaudan attacks, this dark YA retelling blends two epic legends, giving the fabled girl-in-the-red-cloak a new, shockingly real existence.

326 pages, with a 4.9-star rating from 15 reviews.

Here's a bargain Kindle book, available for 99 cents today!

The Loss of Deference, by Michelle Muckley. (Still $0.99?)

Sometimes hope appears where you least expect it. This mystery/thriller is yours for 99 cents today.

"Michelle Muckley paints fine portraits of five flawed characters in rural England who are each dealing in their own way with economically precarious times that are not very much unlike our own. She creates a believable, but very troubling, scenario of the deteriorating health-care system, which is at the center of her story. The final few chapters as the novel races to its finish is a white-knuckle ride, and more than once I wanted to close my eyes so that I might not see what I was sure was coming. The Loss of Deference would lend itself well to being a stage play with its timely subject matter, its complicated characters, and its dramatic action. I look forward to Ms. Muckley's future explorations of human situation and emotion. " -- Thomas B. Crattie, Amazon reviewer

Will Moreton and Daniel Fox have been best friends for almost their entire lives. Bound by a childhood secret, Will believes that he knows everything about his friend, until one winter's day when a devastating discovery leads him into a dark and terrifying conspiracy, where everybody has something to hide. The fight for survival has begun, but whom if anyone's life will be the same at the end. A journey of trust and betrayal, the reader is compelled to experience the limits of true friendship through a web of disturbing lies and truths.

The Loss of Deference is a gripping novel, where the writer carries the audience to an atmospheric climax, and where hope is found not only in the strongest of human bonds, but also the darkest corners of life.

212 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 5 reviews.

Children of Dreams, by Lorilyn Roberts. (Still free?)

Featured on Animal Planet's "Monsters Inside Me," this inspiring story tells a gripping story of international adoption.

"Until reading "Children of Dreams" I had no idea how difficult it was to adopt children from a foreign country. Lorilyn Roberts' inspiring story doesn't mask her rollercoaster of emotions as she struggles when faced with insurmountable problems. She boldly faces her fears, renews her faith and ultimately experiences joy amidst her trials. Her beautiful writing draws you instantly into an exciting story of love and faith. This book contains two stories of adoption. She adopts one daughter from Nepal and a second daughter from Vietnam. Both stories are heart warming and explain the struggles that are typical during the adoption process." -- Rebecca, Top 50 Amazon reviewer

"Children of Dreams" is borne out of Lorilyn Roberts' shattered dreams. The inspiring story of turning sorrow into life-giving hope will bring tears to the reader. The timeless theme of faithfulness will make this a favorite adoption story for years to come.

In September 2010, Manisha's medical mystery, as told in "Children of Dreams" was featured on Animal Planet's "Monsters Inside Me."

236 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 72 reviews.

In The After, by Ashley Mackler-Paternostro. (Still free?)

Emmy Burns walks away from her seemingly fairy-tale life in this work of contemporary women's fiction. Dark secrets of her abusive marriage emerge in this highly-rated work, available free today!

"In The After opens with a woman recounting her experience bonding with her mother over fairy tales leading into a class, as an adult, analysing them clinically. Ashley's style conveys this kind of thing so well. There are few words spent on this part, compared to its importance to the rest of the book, but I knew before I'd hit page four that this book was going to be one of my favourites." -- David Adams, Amazon reviewer

There is a reason fairy tales end when they do ... because happily ever after is just the beginning of real life.

Once upon a time in the quaint, forgotten coastal town of Joyce, Washington Emmy Burns existed in the middle of an inconsequential life that resembled a small-town fairy tale; days filled with caring for her daughter Avery, running her small but thriving pottery store, married to the only man she had ever loved. But all of that changed when the fog rolled out one beautiful morning, leaving emptiness where Emmy had stood only the day before. She had seemingly and without a sound vanished into the thick misty air of the Pacific Northwest, taking with her a lifetime of secrets.

In the aftermath Stephen Burns is content telling the police his wife must have simply chosen to walk away from him and their daughter. But Sidney Ruth, Emmy's closest friend, knows the truth. Sidney is the one person who had watched as the vines grew around the dark forest that was the Burn's marriage.

Years of abuse has to led to this moment. As the days unfurl so do the secrets Emmy kept walled away, leaving the people of Joyce wondering: What really happened to Emmy Burns in her happily ever after?

398 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 5 reviews.

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