Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Kindle Daily Deal: The Devil of Nanking: A Novel (80% off)

Today's KDD: The Devil of Nanking: A Novel, by Mo Hayder. Normally $10.00, now $1.99!

80% off, today only!  This sounds like a good one!

Amazon reviewer A Discerning Reader says "This was well worth reading. I miss Jack Cafferty, the detective who stars in her first two novels (Birdman and Treatment) but Mo Hayder is not an author to be ignored. Her works are shocking and unique, and they deserve attention from anyone with the courage to stomach their contents."

With the redolent atmosphere of Ian Rankin and the spine-chilling characters of Thomas Harris, Mo Hayder's The Devil of Nanking, takes the reader on an electrifying literary ride from the palatial apartments of yakuza kingpins to deep inside the secret history of one of the twentieth century's most brutal events: the Nanking Massacre.

A young Englishwoman obsessed with an indecipherable past, Grey comes to Tokyo seeking a lost piece of film footage of the notorious 1937 Nanking Massacre, footage some say never existed. Only one man can help Grey. A survivor of the massacre, he is now a visiting professor at a university in Tokyo. But he will have nothing to do with her.

So Grey accepts a job in an upmarket nightspot, where a certain gangster may be the key to gaining the professor's trust. An old man in a wheelchair surrounded by a terrifying entourage, the gangster is rumored to rely on a mysterious elixir for his continued health. Taut, gritty, sexy, and harrowing, The Devil of Nanking is an incomparable literary thriller set in one of the world's most fascinating cities-Tokyo-from an internationally best-selling author.

Features: text-to-speech, enabled.

Whispersync: Audiobook available for $6.45 if you buy this book.

380 pages. 4.0-star rating with 31 of 50 reviews four stars and above.

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