Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas from KindleBoards

We'd like to give a special welcome to all the new Kindle-owners out there! If you received a Kindle e-reader, or a Kindle Fire tablet, this Christmas - that's wonderful!

Here are some tips for you to make the most of your new Kindle!

1. Get content (books, apps, etc) for your Kindle! We do a daily post of free and bargain Kindle books and apps, in our KindleBoards Facebook page. "Like" that page, and add it to your Interests List, to get our daily selection of highly-rated free books!

*Tip: to add our page to your Interest List, go to the page, click on the "gear" icon near the top right of the page, and select Add to Interest Lists. That's it!

We love finding and posting about these great reads. Here's what other readers are saying about our free and bargain book selections:
     "I love getting these. I have purchased so many of the .99 books and the free ones. I have been able to get some that I missed when they were out in paperback."
     "This is a wonderful way to get introduced to authors that I'm not yet familiar with."
     "Thank you for sending excellent books to keep so many of us intrigued and excited about lives other than our own. I have read more in the last year than in my first 75 years!!"

     "This is the only news I wait for every day."
     "Thank you so much. Through your wonderful books I am able to read books that I would have never chosen before, and I love them!!! You have expanded my world."

2. Get tips, troubleshooting help, and much more. How? Join our KindleBoards user forums! We have over 65,000 members, and are the largest independent Kindle user forum. There's a lot there, but don't be overwhelmed by it! We're a very welcoming community, and friendly to newcomers.

3. Sign up for our free newsletter. It's one way to ensure you get the latest from our blog and Facebook posts! Here's the link: KindleBoards E-mail Newsletter

4. Are you an author? Or interested in writing? Our Writer's Cafe is one of the web's busiest hangouts for writers - and has oodles of advice on the craft of writing, and on the mechanics of being an indie writer, including self-publishing and marketing advice.

5. Consider an extended warranty for your new Kindle. Personally, I avoid extended warranties. But so many of our forum members have raved about Square Trade's 2-year Kindle warranty that I'm including it as a tip here. Square Trade replaces your Kindle hassle-free if it's accidentally damaged. The catch: you have to get the warranty within 30 days of your Kindle shipping date. 

Enjoy your new Kindle!

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