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"Two Shadows" by Charlie Winger - a true story of hope against formidable odds

Price reduced today to $2.99, for "Two Shadows" - an inspiring, true story of hope - against seemingly insurmountable challenges. 27 four- and five-star reviews!

"...a raw, unfiltered look at his life, misadventures and all, delivered in a colloquial, candid fashion.'s a fantastic read for anyone interested in mountaineering or who wants to be inspired." --

"This book is an amazing journey by an amazing man, and should be required reading for anyone who believes they were dealt a "raw deal" in life. The writing is personal, gritty, and honest... Great gift for teens and older." -- Apex to Zenith

"...amazing story demonstrating where the choices we make in life can take us. ...offers a sense of hope and encouragement to those who want to set out on a different, less destructive path." -- Beacon

"...inspirational journey ...definitely recommend it- especially to the mountaineering crowd and adventure armchair readers." --

"The writing is anecdotal and provides an often amusing account... ...the telling is honest. Two Shadows is a rewarding read." -- The LL Book Review

Two Shadows - The inspirational story of one man's triumph over adversity, by Charlie Winger

From the darkness of a six foot by eight foot cell in solitary confinement to the top of the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere, this is the captivating story of one man's struggle to recover from a troubled past.

Charlie is known to his friends as an accomplished mountain climber and entertaining storyteller. Few know the story of his childhood, filled with neglect and abuse. Fewer still realize that he spent seven years of his youth in the shadow of juvenile detention and prison.

After relegating those painful memories to a place far from his current life, Charlie is confronted with his past as he tries to enter Canada for an ice climbing vacation with friends.

"Have you ever been convicted of a felony'" the Canadian Border Services Officer inquired. "No," I responded with a straight face and sweaty palms. "Are you sure you've never been convicted of a felony'" he repeated. "Not since 1955," I admitted, guiltily. So began my journey back in time to a place I thought I had forever left behind.

Charlie faces his past once again, finding strength in his unconquerable spirit, unique sense of humor, and the focus he's found through his passion for mountaineering. He takes you from the tenements and alleys of pre-World War II Chicago through jails, reformatories, and the hell that was prison. From solitary confinement to the jungles of the Amazon, the heights of the Himalayas, the isolation of the desert Southwest, and many points in between.

His story will move you, entertain you, frustrate you, and ultimately inspire you to turn the dark shadows of life into the triumphant shadows cast by the mountains you climb -- whatever form they may take.

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Meet the Author

About Charlie & Diane Winger:

Charlie Winger is a prolific mountaineer with a passion for climbing lists of peaks: the 200 highest mountains in Colorado, the 50 state highpoints, over 100 USGS-named peaks in Death Valley, the 57 ultra-prominence peaks in the lower US, the highest mountains in North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Australia, and many more lists few people understand.

Diane takes a more relaxed approach to hiking and rock climbing, and places a high priority on hiking on trails, and hiking to places that are scenic. She is a member of the unofficial "49ers Club," having reached the top of 49 state highpoints. Her motto: "Just say no to Denali."

Charlie and Diane live in Colorado and are co-authors of several guidebooks on outdoor recreation.

Charlie makes killer Belgian waffles, numerous sick jokes, and enjoys telling climbing stories almost as much as he loves actually getting "out there." Diane is passionate about her involvement with the service organization Altrusa, enjoys laughing at Charlie's jokes, and is a self-described computer geek.

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