Tuesday, December 25, 2012

"Replica" by Lexi Revellian - download this highly-rated thriller!

Beth Chandler is unknowingly replicated in a flawed experiment, and falls for the man who is hunting her double. Download this thriller today!

After reading and loving Remix on the basis of a forum recommendation, I was very excited to see that Lexi Revellian had written a new book and I have to say I was not disappointed with the result. The story is brilliantly imaginative and, as another reviewer has said, not at all science-fictiony. From the very beginning the author creates a palpable air of tension and at times I could feel my heart beating faster as the net closed in around Beth. -- Book Lover, Amazon reviewer

Replica, by Lexi Revellian

REPLICA is a fast-paced thriller/romance you will find hard to put down.

Beth Chandler, bright, attractive but unassertive, is accidentally replicated in a flawed experiment at the government research institute where she works. A second Beth comes into being, complete with all her memories. To Sir Peter Ellis, MI5 chief, the replica is an embarrassment that must be hushed up and disposed of. Overhearing him, Beth Two goes on the run. With no official existence, homeless, penniless and pursued by Sir Peter's agents, she has to find the inner strength and aggression to survive on icy London streets.

Meanwhile the original Beth, unaware of what has happened, becomes romantically involved with Nick Cavanagh, the spec op she believes is there to protect her. In fact, he's hunting her double. Nick refuses to face his moral doubts about Beth Two - as far as he's concerned, it's not his problem. As events unfold, and the situation grows more complicated, he has to decide whose side he is on.

S. Horrigan, AMAZON VINE TOP 500 REVIEWER, wrote: "Read it! You won't regret it! Another cracking story from Lexi. Don't be put off by the seemingly science fiction based plot. The real story is the way that the two Beths deal with situations that they find themselves in and of their discovery of their real self. As with Lexi's first book, presentation on the Kindle is about as good as it gets.

Overall: This deserves nothing less than 5 stars! An original, very well told intelligent story that had me turning the pages right to the end.

Full length novel: 82,000 words, by the author of REMIX and ICE DIARIES.
Formatted for Kindle - fonts/font sizes can be changed on newer Kindles such as the Paperwhite.

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For years, I resisted writing because I knew I'd never be as good as Jane Austen. Finally I realized no one is as good as Jane Austen - I started writing and couldn't stop. I've sold over 59,000 ebooks.

My first two novels are fantasy. The third, REMIX, is contemporary fiction with elements of crime, investigation and romance, and tells what happens when Caz Tallis finds a strange man asleep on her roof terrace. He turns out to be - no, I'm not telling you, you'll have to read it to find out... My fourth, REPLICA, is a thriller. Beth Chandler is unknowingly replicated in a flawed experiment, and falls for the man who is hunting her double. The latest is ICE DIARIES, a post-apocalyptic story with romance and humour.

My day job is designing and making jewellery and silver under my real name, Lexi Dick. I've made pieces for Margaret Thatcher, 10 Downing Street and Her Majesty the Queen.

Website: www.lexirevellian.com. Here you can read extracts, entire short stories and sign up to be notified when I release a new book.

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