Sunday, December 16, 2012

Kindle Daily Deal: Always Looking Up: The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist by Michael J. Fox (90% off)

Today's KDD: Always Looking Up: The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist, by Michael J. Fox. Normally $19.99, now $1.99!

90% off, today only!

Amazon reviewer Lockhart says "Smart, inspirational and fun. It's an honor to get such a personal look inside such a lucky man's life experience. Multiple times I paused to think "the course of his destiny is phenomenal". This book gives us a small but stunning glance into the struggles of those with Parkinson's, and reaffirms our respect for the optimism of those who battle it in the political and personal arenas. Scattered through the pages are a few startling but merited curse words, and some ironic and well-timed humor about religion, family, and mortality. As always, Michael J. Fox is lovable and inspirational."

There are many words to describe Michael J. Fox: Actor. Husband. Father. Activist. But readers of Always Looking Up will soon add another to the list: Optimist. Michael writes about the hard-won perspective that helped him see challenges as opportunities. Instead of building walls around himself, he developed a personal policy of engagement and discovery: an emotional, psychological, intellectual, and spiritual outlook that has served him throughout his struggle with Parkinson's disease. Michael's exit from a very demanding, very public arena offered him the time-and the inspiration-to open up new doors leading to unexpected places. One door even led him to the center of his own family, the greatest destination of all.

Always Looking Up is a memoir of this last decade, told through the critical themes of Michael's life: work, politics, faith, and family. The book is a journey of self-discovery and reinvention, and a testament to the consolations that protect him from the ravages of Parkinson's.
With the humor and wit that captivated fans of his first book, Lucky Man, Michael describes how he became a happier, more satisfied person by recognizing the gifts of everyday life.

Features: text-to-speech, enabled.

300 pages. 4.1-star rating with 126 of 161 reviews four stars and above.

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