Monday, August 27, 2012

Kindle Daily Deal: The Brimstone Wedding (80% Off!)

Today's Kindle Daily Deal is The Brimstone Wedding by Ruth Rendell writing as Barbara Vine, reduced 80% from yesterday's price of $10.09

This tale, by a master of the genre, of two women and the secrets they share with each other has excellent reviews.  Jenny Warner works at a nursing home and strikes up a friendship with one of the patients, wealthy Stella.  The secrets each has are gradually revealed through their friendship until the page-turning end (according to reviews) when all is revealed!

One four-star review on Amazon:

THE BRIMSTONE WEDDING is one of Barbara Vine's finest novels, a blend of romance, murder, mystery, and much adultery that forms a remarkably peaceful book. Once more, Vine gives us a clever and intricately developed plot and vividly drawn characters. Though the story has its dark, suspenseful moments, it has an overall calm, serene overtone, with the exception of the exciting and explosive climax, a section you'll literally plow through so quickly you won't be able to turn the pages fast enough. Finally, on the very last page, Vine demonstrates once more that few authors are so gifted at throwing in the final, sudden twist, the twist that is totally unpredictable, yet fits in logically with the plot, and makes you look back on the whole story and the characters differently. This last, spectacular twist is likely to leave the reader breathless but satisfied. A solid achievement, not quite as compelling as A DARK-ADAPTED EYE, but every bit as readable. Well done.

Text-to-speech, lending and X-Ray enabled. Not Kindle Owner's Lending Library (Prime).  330 pages in the hardcover version.  11 reviews, 9 of them five stars, 2 four stars.

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