Thursday, August 30, 2012

New developments herald the arrival of new Kindles

New signs are emerging related to Amazon's expected Kindle announcement on September 6th.

First off, the Amazon page for Kindle Fire is showing it as unavailable today, except from 3rd-party re-sellers. This is a strong sign that Amazon is rolling out an updated Fire tablet, which will in all likelihood be announced next week. (In the days leading up to last year's Kindle press briefing, Amazon showed the previous Kindles as being unavailable.)

Also, Amazon has announced a UK app store for Android phones and tablets, which includes a free App of the Day just like the U.S. app store. Is this a lead-up to the Kindle Fire 2 becoming available in the UK? We think so! Thanks to KindleBoards' UK-based moderator, linjeakel, for reporting this in our Kindle forum. 

We are also hearing that the app store is opening for the German and Italian Amazon sites. Could we be seeing the Kindle Fire 2 being available in more places in Europe? Possibly!

Be sure to stop in at our 60,000-member Kindle user forum between now and the September 6th announcement, where we'll be live-blogging the development and capturing your comments and reactions in our forums, and chat room!

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