Saturday, August 11, 2012

Author profile: J.S. Dunn tracks the Atlantic Bronze Age

Why would anyone track the Neolithic-to-Bronze-Age in Ireland, Wales, NW France, and Spain?

Lots of reasons!

First, Ireland’s Boyne passage mound assembly is famous; it's a UN World Heritage site and holds the majority of Europe’s prehistoric rock art. Also famous are France’s Morbihan stone rows and megaliths, Anglesey’s mounds in northern Wales, and the Oianleku stone circles in the Basque Pyrenees.

Second, the ancient mounds and megaliths have high locations with spectacular views but require only a moderate climb to access. You are likely to interact with locals and can arrange for unique stays in country house hotels with a welcoming hearth and fresh cuisine. Third, the equipment is simple: sturdy walking shoes and a rain slicker layered over a sweater and your favorite camera.

And finally, if your ancestors are from northern Spain, Brittany, Wales, Ireland, or Scotland, they likely crossed the mighty waves in prehistory on little more than hides sealed with pitch. You will have searched as far back as possible to find your roots, and you may well share DNA with the bones honored at these ancient sites. Your surname may itself be thousands of years old.  If you can’t find ancestors due to missing written records, give this a try. This experience literally goes to the bone.

Many of the sites link to astronomy practices of 4,000 plus years ago. Weeks and months after traveling there, you may find yourself dreaming of starflung skies and dancing around bonfires after a starwatch in a pastoral and ancient era. You may find yourself buying a telescope or joining an astronomy club. After all, it is said we humans are made of stardust.

Meet KindleBoards author J.S. Dunn, who resided in Ireland during the past decade and completed a novel of ancient Ireland, Bending the Boyne. The U.S.-based publisher, Seriously Good Books, is a new imprint for historical fiction and its launch titles have won national awards.

As of August 2012, the author will be in Cornwall (UK) pouring a bronze sword, part of the research for the second novel in progress, set at 1600 BCE. See her Amazon page here!

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