Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thank you to M-Edge, maker of fashionable Kindle accessories!

It's "Thank you, Thursday", and this week we're showing our appreciation to M-Edge, a major maker of Kindle accessories.

M-Edge makes fashionable covers for Kindles as well as other e-readers and gadgets, including iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, Nooks, and laptops.

M-Edge produces a wide selection of Kindle covers and sleeves - in a variety of colors and styles. 

Their other accessories include the e-Luminator booklight, a stylus for Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire, screen protectors, and book stands.See all of their Kindle accessories on Amazon or at the M-Edge website.

One of the unique innovations from M-Edge is their MyEdge service - that lets you add your own graphics or photographs to personalize an M-Edge cover just for you!

We have a particular fondness for M-Edge, as they've been a sponsor of KindleBoards since the early days of our forum. As a sponsor, their colorful banners rotate in at the top of every KindleBoards page. They also have an Official Sponsor page in our Accessories board, which has over 700 replies and 60,000 page views!

We have many fans on M-Edge products on the KindleBoards forums. Check out M-Edge's fine suite of Kindle products!

Accessory-makers: you can see more about our sponsorship opportunities here.

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