Sunday, August 19, 2012

New: Kindle short on Gore Vidal

From the KindleBoards Book Corner, we have a "real reader" recommendation from JimC1946 for the newly-released Kindle short "The Gore Supremacy," by James Wolcott.

As Jim puts it, "Whether you liked Gore Vidal or not, he was definitely a character. Author James Wolcott has captured Vidal perfectly in this very short Kindle Single. Prime members can read it for free."

This Kindle short (just 17 pages) is Wolcott's tribute to the eccentric novelist, playwright, and "the country's last true man of letters." Vidal died on July 31st, and Wolcott - a contributing writer to Vanity Fair -  penned this short as a tribute to Gore, one of America's noteworthy personalities of the century. 

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