Friday, August 17, 2012

Hunger Games series has now outsold Harry Potter on Amazon

I'm a big fan of both the Hunger Games and the Harry Potter books.

My oldest daughter was an age match for Harry, and so each year as a new Harry Potter book was released she could relate in a special way to him. My two younger daughters had little interest in the series, until I read the first book aloud to them on a camping trip. Now they're hooked, and are walking encyclopedias of Hogwarts trivia and factoids.

It took me a little longer to warm up to the Hunger Games, but that changed when my daughters' book club started reading it. The books are certainly darker than the HP series, and I wished for more of a redemptive ending to the series, but all three are still among my all-time favorites.  

I was intrigued to see in today's New York Times that the Hunger Games has surpassed Harry Potter as Amazon's top selling series of all time. Amazingly, Hunger Games did this with three books, outselling the seven Harry Potter books combined.

I believe that a major reason for this shift is that J. K. Rowling resisted selling digital copies of the Harry Potter books for so long. And, they're still not available directly from Amazon, but instead through a pathway into Rowling's Pottermore site.

It's well established that e-reader owners read more than average, and I've certainly found that to be the case for me personally since I bought my first Kindle. I have to think that the all-time bestseller status would be different if the Harry Potter series had gotten on board earlier; certainly the Hunger Games has ridden the digital wave to its great benefit. 

In any event, they're both fantastic series and I have much respect for both J. K. Rowling and Suzanne Collins.

Trivia note: Amazon also noted that in the UK Amazon site, the 50 Shades erotic series has now outsold the Harry Potter series... a travesty in my book!

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  1. Wow, it's hard to believe anything outsold HP! I loved both series.