Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kindle Fire Free App of the Day: Angry Birds Ad Free

Wise old owl, big black crow, Put out their wings singing go bird go!
Today's Free App of the Day is Angry Birds Ad Free

Originally $0.99, free today!

If you always wanted to try Angry Birds, but didn't like the ad-supported version, this is your chance! 

If you're not familiar with Angry Birds (that would be my husband), you must use a slingshot to fling assorted angry birds at a tower the invading pigs have built, knocking it down and destroying the invading pigs.  There's strategy involved in which birds to use in what situations, as different birds have different effects.

Note that many reviewers said that this version overrode the ad version and removed prior progress.  A few said it didn't.  Several reviewers also recommended AngryBirdsBackup, available at Google Play and also at for saving your progress before installing.  A couple of 1-star reviewers also mentioned that there were some features not available in this version; I can't confirm that.

I can confirm that I bought the $0.99 version the day I received my Fire.  :D

This game always puts this song in my kids, Google it!   8)

Every little swallow, every chick-a-dee,
Every little bird in the old oak tree,
Wise old owl, big black crow,
Put out their wings singing go bird go!

Rockin' robin--tweet--twiddley dee
Rockin' robin--tweet--twiddley dee
Yeah, go rockin' robin, really gonna rock tonight...

Have Fun!

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