Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thank you to Oberon - maker of fine leather Kindle covers

It's "Thank you Thursday", and this week we want to give a shout out to the makers of some of the finest Kindle covers anywhere: Oberon Design.

A family business in operation for forty years, Oberon specializes in leather and pewter products. The care they put into their work is awe-inspiring, and many of our forum members have purchased multiple Oberon items for their various Kindles and other gadgetry.

I'm particularly fond of Oberon because, back when our forum community just had a few hundred members and less than 10,000 posts, Oberon was one of our first site sponsors. They've continued to be a KindleBoards sponsor, even as we've grown to 60,000 registered members and about 2 million posts.

The Oberon threads in our accessory board are among our most popular. Our "Post Oberon pictures" thread has over 3,000 posts and over 300,000 page views - check it out!

So thank you, Oberon, for offering high quality Kindle products and for being a sponsor of our user community.

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