Sunday, August 19, 2012

Trending! Forum topics on new Kindles, Kindle Touch buttons, our giveaways, and more!

Trending now! Here are some of the latest topics from our Kindle forum:

Have you heard of "pedal error"? That's the term automakers use to explain certain accidents where someone steps on the gas instead of the brake.

Well, it seems many of us experience "button error" with our Kindle Touch readers. As KB member SeymourKopath puts it, "Have you every done this: sit down to read your Kindle Touch and press the Home button to wake it up! There are only two buttons on it. One of them wakes it up. You'd think by now I'd get it straight which one it is." As the thread indicates, Seymour is not alone. Fortunately, there's no harm done when you suffer from "button error"!

Our giveaway of a Kindle Fire 2 is drawing a lot of interest, with over 800 entries so far. See the forum link, or enter on Facebook to win one of these as soon it is announced...which should be very soon if the web rumors are correct!

In our Kindle Accessories board, our readers are giving a warm response to our recent blog post about Kindle bag designer Borsa Bella. 

In our Book Corner, KB member Cindy416 is finishing Vince Flynn's Memorial Day and plans to start Act of Treason, another Vince Flynn novel. Cindy has read nine of Flynn's books in the past month - and they're about 450 pages each! She reads them on her treadmill and advises that "If you like political thrillers, you'll probably love these books... Reading these books is like eating potato chips.....can't eat/read just one."


There's a lot more happening at our KindleBoards forum. With 62,000 members and a little over 1,000 posts each day, it's a busy hub of Kindle info. See our forum main index for all the latest discussions on KindleBoards!

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