Friday, August 10, 2012

Freebie Friday: Cuba Blue

In finding free e-book finds, we try to avoid the trivial books - like the ones that have unoriginal content or that are suspiciously short in page length.

Cuba Blue, by Robert Walker and Lyn Polkabla, looks like a compelling freebie if you're in the mood for an international mystery. The book gets a strong endorsement from noted indie author J. A. Konrath, who cites Robert Walker as one of his early influences. 

Book description: When murder meets Cuba’s first female Lieutenant Detective, Qui Aguilera, she is faced with a triple homicide. Three dead medical personnel—two Americans and a Canadian female are fished from the Cuba Blue waters surrounding this tropical paradise. Who killed the visiting doctors and why has her captain, who wishes her to fail miserably, so anxious to turn this case over to Qui--if not to see her fail.

When the bodies are stolen from under the nose of Cuba’s most famous medical examiner, Arturo Benilo—the only man she trusts—all instinct tells the tenacious Cuban detective that there are far more rats lurking in the deep shadows of Old Havana than she imagined.

At 278 pages, it's not a long read and might be just right for these last days of summer. Pick up Cuba Blue for free on your Kindle now.

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