Friday, August 24, 2012

20 indie authors that thrill and inspire

From the KindleBoards forums, here's a  "real reader" list of indie authors who draw the reader in, and thrill and inspire with their works:

KindleBoards reader Ann Herrick recommends Tina Boscha. Her novel, The River in the Sea, starts with a 15-year-old girl in Holland in WWII era accidentally hitting and killing a dog belonging to a German soldier, and the book "really drew me in."

JFHilborne enjoys the humorous mysteries of Cindy Sample and Gayle Carline.

Jasonzc is a fan of the prolific Catt Dahman of Texas, who writes novels of "horror/romance/high weirdness."

BTackitt likes "Dennis Batchelder, David McAfee, C.S. Marks, David Dalglish, John Fitch V, and soooooo many more.. But none make me cry and laugh like this series: (Witches on Parole, by Debora Geary)."

SMRG and many others love Hugh Howey's Wool series, describing it as "Wonderful sci-fi dystopian/post apocolyptic books."

Theaatkinson reads almost exclusively indie and recommends Suzanne Tyrpak and KC May. She adds, "I also really love the voice of the NightWalkmen by Jason McIntyre. Some really amazing writing from all three."

From CoffeeCat: "Cheryl Kaye Tardif's The River was so engrossing for me. I've read a couple other books by Tardif and have never been disappointed."

Also from CoffeeCat: "She's not so indie now but Karen McQuestion writes beautiful stories as well. I thought her reads would be light beachy sort of stuff but so far what I've read have been beautifully crafted with plenty of layers and subplot."

Balaspa recommends Bryan R. Dennis with his "fantastic" debut novel, An Epitaph for Coyote. And Blake Crouch for his novel RUN.

MLPMom and sarahdalton are among the readers who recommend Imogen Rose's Bonfire Chronicles.

Other indie authors recommended in the thread include:

Susan Ee
Steve Gilbert
Michael Hicks
John A A Logan
Maureen Miller
Dalya Moon
Boyd Morrison
Ed Patterson
Joni Rodgers
LJ Sellers
KA Thompson
Max Tomlinson

... and more in the thread. We received so many great indie author recommendations that we couldn't stop at twenty!

Who are some of your favorite indie authors? Let us know! And look for more "real reader" recommendations in our KindleBoards Book Corner!

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