Saturday, August 25, 2012

Forum tip: Use Link-Maker to post clickable Amazon images!

For those of who frequent online user forums, like our Kindle user forum, we've developed a page that makes it trivially easy to post a clickable image of any product from Amazon.

That includes book covers, CD covers, DVDs, consumer electronics, MP3s, tools... you name it.

The tool - a Kindleboards exclusive - is called Link-Maker. The URL is easy to remember:

Link-Maker gives you the bulletin-board code (bbcode) to put in your forum post. You have the option of a text link, or an image link.

You can also use the bbcode to add Amazon text or images to a forum signature. Authors often use this to create a row of book covers in their signature, that's of just the right size to meet most forum signature guidelines.

For those of you who want to copy/paste an Amazon image onto your web page, we also provide HTML code for that purpose.

We have a version of Link-Maker for both and for Just click the labels at the top to switch from one to another.

It's one of the most popular features on KindleBoards! Have you used Link-Maker? It's easy and fun, and available exclusively at KindleBoards.

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