Tuesday, August 28, 2012

By the numbers: Kindle Accessories on KindleBoards

The Accessories Board on our Kindle forum is one of our most active boards, with 80,000 posts in thousands of topics.

Today we give you a glimpse into our most popular discussions, in terms of views (Kindle owners reading) and posts (Kindle owners commenting).

The top discussion areas are dominated by our official sponsor threads. These threads are from leading Kindle accessory-makers, who support our user forum. Their offerings are clearly of high interest to our Kindle users.

Among the most-viewed accessory threads are from Oberon, with a whopping 300,000 page views for its official sponsor thread!

Following that are accessory threads from CoylCushion, JAVOedge, M-Edge, DecalGirl, Borsa Bella, and Amazon.

Posting activity follows a similar pattern, as seen in the charts to the left.

Many of our members post pictures of their accessories purchases, and provide detailed descriptions. It's a helpful resource for Kindle owners interested in beautifying and protecting their e-readers and Kindle Fires, in a variety of covers and skins.

Drop in on the Accessories Board for the latest in Kindle accessories, reviewed and critiqued by our community of Kindle owners!

(Accessory-makers: we have no sponsorship slots available at this time. E-mail us to inquire about availability and to get on our waiting list.)

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