Monday, August 13, 2012

Author profile: Jason L. McPherson

We're pleased to introduce you today to KindleBoards author Jason L. McPherson.

A writer of Appalachian-themed thriller and horror novels, Jason lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Carolina's with his wife and four children. He is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys the culture and the many fascinating stories that abound in the Appalachian region.

His stories are born while gazing at the stars by a campfire, listening to the gurgling water of the Chattooga River, hunting in the wilds of the Pisgah National Forest and his many lone camping trips in the Appalachian Mountains he calls home.

Back porch storytelling is a time-honored tradition in the Blue Ridge Mountains and he hopes to pass that tradition along to his readers…one horrifying tale at a time.

Jason's novel, The Gorge, has just been republished by Spore Press. It's a story of backwoods mountain culture, and of a snake-handling, strychnine-drinking pastor, who rises to power over his devoted flock. Of a Native American curse, confining an even older civilization of cannibal cave dwellers to within in the boundaries of a mountain gorge, hidden deep in the backcountry of the five hundred thousand acre Pisgah National Forest. You can sample it online, or view its Amazon page by clicking the book cover above.

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