Friday, August 24, 2012

Kindle Fire Free App of the Day: CrossMe Color

I just love logic puzzles.  So today's Free App of the Day is right up my alley!

CrossMe Color, normally $4.95, is free today! This is a new version of a FAOTD offered in May.  The new version, after twenty reviews has an average rating of 5.0 (18 of the reviews are five star, one four star, one three star)  The original version has 858 reviews, 640 of them five star, for an average of 4.0.

It is described as a "Japanese crossword" though no actual words are used. You are given a grid with numbers along the top and side.  Use the numbers to determine which squares in the grid to "paint" by tapping to gradually reveal the picture underneath.  The pictures look like little pixelated images, or needlepoint designs.  This version uses more than one color in painting the picture, which does add to the game.  The color cues add a little more information in solving the puzzle.

I enjoyed the original and picked up this one, too.  If you missed it the first time, and like logic puzzles, you'll like this game.

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