Thursday, August 23, 2012

Amazon announcement: September 6th!

Jeff Bezos in September 28, 2011 press briefing.
This news is just out! Amazon will make a "big announcement" on September 6th. Stay tuned!

We've been speculating on the release of  new Kindle Fire, as well as updates to Amazon's line of Kindle e-readers. Looks like we will know more in two weeks!

The press conference will be in Santa Monica, California. Amazon holds very few press conferences, and it's not certain if this will be Kindle-related or not. But the timing would certainly make sense for an announcement about new Kindles, with the holiday shopping season nearing.

Others are speculating that, given the locale of the press briefing, it may be entertainment-related - such as new content for Amazon Prime customers. I'm dubious about that... Amazon normally announces that type of thing without an in-person press briefing. I expect the announcement will be splashier than that.

Thanks to Mashable for the tip!


  1. I'm guessing that they will have Fire news and a Kindle phone announcement.

  2. I just went and looked (I am not THIS big a Kindle geek) Amazon announced the original Fire and the current eink Kindle lineup on September 28 last year. So, a September announce date is darn close to one year later. So, I am guessing that we get a new Fire plus tweaks to the eink lineup.

  3. @the-time-capsule: I'm thinking a Fire announcement is almost a definite. As for the Kindle phone... that'd be exciting, but I doubt they're ready to move on that. Unless they've *really* kept it under wraps!

  4. @Elaine - that timing makes sense. And it would be odd if Amazon held two press conferences so close together... so I think the Sept 6th one will almost certainly be Kindle-related. Can't wait!!

  5. Just add 3G to the Fire. That would make me happy :)

    1. Yes, that'd be a good feature for the Fire! But I'm not sure it will be "free" 3G as with the e-readers...