Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Trending! Forum topics on the value of Kindle, our Facebook milestone, Kindle on airplanes, and more!

Trending now! Here are some of the latest topics from our Kindle forum:

In our Let's Talk Kindle board, new member Dylan Hayes wonders if it's worthwhile to buy a Kindle, given how well the free Kindle apps work on PC and smartphone. Our members weigh in on that.

Also in LTK, we celebrate a milestone: we gained 1,000 Facebook likes in 17 days, blowing away our goal of reaching 1,000 in a month. Thanks to our Facebook friends! Those who "like" our KindleBoards FB page receive a curated list of timely Kindle alerts, book sales, freebies, and tips. 

Side note: Don't forget to enter our giveaway for a Kindle Fire 2, and our giveaway of three Kindle covers from Pad and Quill..!

What's the deal with Kindles on airplanes? Our new member duck833 relates his recent experience on United Airlines.

In the Writer's Cafe, our members discuss the recent New York Times article on paid reviews, and contemplate the suggestion that male authors have an uphill climb in the writing business.

Over in our Fire Talk board, we discuss the recent free Fire apps, and the benefits of being a member of Amazon Prime.

With over 1,000 posts daily from Kindle users, there's always something of interest being discussed on KindleBoards. See our forum main index for all the latest discussions! 

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