Monday, August 13, 2012

Trending! Forum topics on Kindle buying advice, non-Kindle devices, book corner discussion, and more!

Trending now! Here are some of the latest topics from our Kindle forum:

In our Let's Talk Kindle board, new member nwilson55 asks for advice as to which Kindle reader to buy. See the thoughtful replies, including some from members who own multiple Kindles in their household.

Also in LTK, new member bigbluedog is giving away his Kindle (to his mother; we like him already) and inquires about limitations of using Kindle content without owning a Kindle reader. The discussion touches on various Kindle features, including the Send to Device option and its availability for non-Kindle devices. See the full discussion here.

In the Book Corner, our readers discuss movies that were nothing like the book, including some interesting observations about Forrest Gump and Starship Troopers. While you're in the Book Corner, check out our "So, what are you reading?" thread -  with over 40,000 pageviews this year alone, it's a good source of inspiration for your reading passion!

In an off-topic mood? Our Picture is Worth 1,000 Words thread offers photographs submitted by our members in the KB Photo Gallery board. And, of course, our popular Not Quite Kindle board has a variety of off-topic diversions, including an Olympics discussion and a variety of forum games.

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