Saturday, August 18, 2012

Author Profile: Caddy Rowland

Today we profile KindleBoards author Caddy Rowland, creator of the Gastien Series. This set of five books of historical fiction begins in late nineteenth century France, during the bohemian artists era.

The series is described as a "gritty, dramatic, and emotional series that has readers laughing out loud one minute and in tears the next." You may dislike the choices her characters make, but you will feel for them and find yourself believing that you know them as real people.

Her books deal with brutal and heart-wrenching issues such as the search for power, abuse of power, desire for love and a place in the world, and being true to oneself. Just like in real life, this family saga is not always neat and pretty.

Caddy lives in Minnesota with her husband and two parrots. In addition to her writing, she is a painter in oils, acrylic, watercolor, and mixed media. She enjoys playing Texas Hold 'Em, going hiking and walking, and bird-watching. 

She enjoys writing stories that show the many layers of people. Caddy observes that "all people are part saint and part... well... something else!" and she tries to implement that in many of her characters. Her goal as a writer is to tell stories that move people, make them think, and give them characters that live on in their minds long after the story has ended.

Caddy maintains a blog and a Gastien Beauchamp fanpage. The first three books in the series are listed below; look for the fourth book to be published this fall.


  1. Thank you for profiling me. What a nice way to start a Saturday!

  2. You are welcome, Caddy! Thank you for being part of our KindleBoards community!