Monday, August 20, 2012

Kindle Fire Free App of the Day: Find It MEGA PACK

How good are you at finding the differences between two photos?  You can find out with today's Free App of the Day: Find It MEGA PACK originally $1.99.  

This is a classic "find the difference" game.  You get two photos, and look for the differences between them.  It has a timer and you also have hints that you can use.  At the time I posted this, it had six reviews, four of them four stars and above.  It includes 250 different photos, a hint system and is timed.

Just for fun, another KindleBoards Alternate App of the Day pick today: Foto Fun HD - Spot the Differences, also free.
This one came up when I was checking out the FAOTD, and with 31 reviews, 20 of them five star, seemed like a good alternative.  I liked the layout of the official AOTD a bit better, but I thought the alteration of the images was slightly better in Foto Fun and I liked that the timer was visual so I  could tell I was running out of time.

The puzzles in Foto Fun were slightly more difficult, I thought.  There is an option to buy more photo packs in Foto Fun, but there were 75 different photos, 50 levels and three modes.

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 Have fun!

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