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Free and bargain Kindle books! (Thursday Oct 25)

Here is today's selection of free and bargain Kindle books!

Blood Orchids (The Lei Crime Series), by Toby Neal. (Still free?)

Get this crime mystery for free today - the first in the Hawaii-based Lei crime series. Over 135 reviews and a strong rating!

"A thoughtful, well-written tale with an appealing main character. I found Blood Orchids to be a captivating story with engaging characters in well described settings. If, like me, you are a fan of crime/mystery novels with a series character, then you will want to add Toby Neal's Lei Texeira to your list. I look forward to reading more about the exploits of this feisty and complex Hilo, Hawaii cop." -- Ken Fields, Amazon reviewer

Fast-paced crime mystery with a touch of romance, readers call Blood Orchids "un-putdownable"!

Hawaii is palm trees, black sand and blue water - but for policewoman Lei Texeira, there's a dark side to paradise.

Lei has overcome a scarred past to make a life for herself as a cop in the sleepy Big Island town of Hilo. On a routine patrol she finds two murdered teenagers - one of whom she'd recently busted. With its echoes of her own past, the murdered girl's harsh life and tragic death affect Lei deeply. She becomes obsessed - even as the killer is drawn to Lei's intensity, feeding off her vulnerabilities and toying with her sanity.

Despite her obsession with the case and fear that she's being stalked, Lei finds herself falling in love for the first time. Steaming volcanoes, black sand beaches and shrouded fern forests are the backdrop to Lei's quest for answers - and the stalker is closer than she can imagine, as threads of the past tangle in her future. Lei is determined to find the killer - but he knows where to find her first.

314 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 135 reviews.

Finding Hannah, by John R Kess. (Still free?)

Mystery-lovers: here's another highly-rated thriller for you! Free today.

"Packed with realistic dialogue and interesting settings, this book handles difficult situations with dignity and compassion." -- Mdonlon

"It's an engaging story from the first to the last page, filled with action and the unexpected." -- KM

Fifteen-year-old Dylan Beachley's family is shattered when his older sister Hannah is kidnapped from their rural New Hampshire home while he slept just one floor away. Weeks of searching by volunteers and local law enforcement provides no clues to Hannah's whereabouts. Determined to find her after the official search is suspended, Dylan sets out using his extensive knowledge of the forest to search for his sister. He is joined by Molly, an energetic fifteen-year-old who just moved to the area with her drug addict mother and her mother's drug dealing boyfriend. As Dylan and Molly search hundreds of acres surrounding the Appalachian Trail, they must deal with the rugged wilderness, Dylan's grief stricken family, and Molly's abusive home life as the two refuse to give up their goal - Finding Hannah.

201 pages, with a 4.9-star rating from 11 reviews.

Winter Interlude (California Series), by Sandy Loyd. (Still free?)

Try this contemporary romance, free today! Oops - this one will actually be free starting tomorrow (Friday). Come back and grab it then!

"Winter Interlude is a great story with lots of unexpected twists - and the scenery descriptions will take you straight to the Tahoe ski slopes! Sandy Loyd has a knack for making Kate and Paul come alive on the pages: two good people who've put heart and soul into their relationships, but must now look deep into their own hearts in order to find their way to true love." -- Lynn, Amazon reviewer

Do you remember your mother telling you when you were little that you'd never meet Mr. Right if you were spending all your time and energy with Mr. Wrong? And what about the book out a few years ago that created such a hoopla with the single crowd "He's Just Not That Into You." 

The two main characters in Winter Interlude either didn't heed their mother's advice or haven't read the book. Now, add into the plot that the two in question are enemies who regularly run into each other, given their current relationships. Paul Morrison, a hunky, blond, financial planner, has been putting time and energy into winning the heart of Kate Winter's best friend for almost as long as Kate, a strong willed antiques dealer, has been dating James Morrison, Paul's brother. The sparks start to fly when the two get stuck together for a three-hour drive to the mountains and years of misconceptions about each other are slowly being wiped out. It is in the confines of the BMW that the two begin their journey, taking them from being mortal enemies to lovers. 

Winter Interlude tells the story of their adventure - of how they finally find love. Kate and Paul's story is the first one in a series of four friends caught in a time warp. They can't move on because they are stuck on their idea of their perfect dreams. But sometimes life works in mysterious ways and they are all forced by circumstances to change.

273 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 13 reviews.

The Black Mile, by Mark Dawson. (Still free?)

It's London in the World War II era... and a murderer is roaming the blacked-out streets of the city. This thriller is praised in reviews for its beautiful writing, with excellent characterization and painting of the period.

"This is far and above the best small/independently published novel I have ever had the pleasure of reading. In addition to being well written, extremely gripping and packed out with believable characters, Dawson also includes a fantastic twist that I thought was extremely clever, I didn't see it coming and it added a great deal to the strength of the novel." -- The Kindle Book Review

London, 1940: the Luftwaffe blitzes London every night for fifty-seven nights. Houses, shops and entire streets are wiped from the map. The underworld is in flux: the Italian criminals who dominated the West End have been interned and now their rivals are fighting to replace them. Meanwhile, hidden in the shadows, the Black-Out Ripper sharpens his knife and sets to his grisly work.

Henry Irving is a disgraced reporter on a Fleet Street scandal rag. Genius detective sergeant Charlie Murphy is a fresh face in the Metropolitan police, hunting corrupt colleagues but blinkered by ambition and jealousy. His brother, detective inspector Frank Murphy, searches frantically for his runaway daughter, terrified that she will be the killer's next victim.

As the Ripper stalks the terrified streets, the three men discover that his handiwork is not quite what it seems. Conspirators are afoot, taking advantage of the chaos to settle old scores. The murders invade the lives of the victims and victimizers on both sides of the law, as everyone is sucked deeper and deeper into Soho's black heart.

Based on a little known true story, The Black Mile is a rollercoaster ride of a novel that was previously the most downloaded novel on the Kindle Store.

373 pages, with a 4.9-star rating from 15 reviews.

Love Me (The Me Novellas), by Liz Appel. (Still free?)

This contemporary romance is part of the "Me" novellas from Liz Appel. Free today!

"First and foremost, this is a novella, not a novel. I finished it in two hours. That being said, colorful characters and a sweet love story make this a great afternoon read. There is nothing earth-shattering about this story, just a solid, delightful romance between Jill, a determined law student and her divine Italian boyfriend. " -- C. Clevenger, Amazon reviewer

For Jill Wegman, there's just one thing standing in the way of finishing law school.

Her fabulous boyfriend, Domenico.

Despite her best friend's objections, she decides to end the relationship so she can stay focused on her studies. Her best friend, Bonnie, has other ideas, though, and concocts a scheme to throw the two back together so Jill can see just what she's giving up. Tricked into going on an impromptu vacation, Jill is forced to spend time with her ex-boyfriend, who is still reeling and angry from the unexpected break up.

When she finds herself with no money and no phone, and her ex as her only companion, Jill is forced to consider why she's willing to give up a guy most women would beg for.

Is she being honest with herself? Or is there something else, something that's haunted her for longer than she cares to admit, that is now threatening her own happiness?

Will Jill stick to her guns and focus on law school? Or will she take a chance on Domenico and on love?

161 pages, with a 5-star rating from 6 reviews.

Challenging Andie, by Sally Clements. (Still free?)

A contemporary romance from Irish author Sally Clements - free!

"Make no mistake here - this is a romance novel. As such, it was lust at first sight. However, the characters were believable. The story line was surprisingly well developed given the main (dare I say it?) thrust of the book. The ending was predictable. The atmosphere of both the English and Middle Eastern settings were nicely drawn." -- GrandCanyonGal, Amazon reviewer

Jaded war correspondent Ryan Armstrong reports terrible events without letting them pierce the armor covering his heart. When his colleague Emily Harte is murdered, he feels responsible for her death, and travels to England to return Emily's effects to her daughter.

Bereaved, primary school teacher, Andie Harte has set herself a list of challenges to prove she can be as brave as her recently murdered mother, but when she's hounded by the press the need to escape means she must accept help from Ryan. During their time in seclusion, attraction blossoms into an affair. Their relationship was only supposed to be a fling. When the time comes for Ryan to return to Bekostan, can she risk loving a thrillseeker, or is that a challenge too far?

Ryan avoids love, knowing the pain losing it can bring. A life without Andie is sensible, but is it possible?

Heat rating: spicy

191 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 6 reviews.

Hell's Gate, by Michael Parker. (Still free?)

Author Michael Parker has 7 published novels. Get this historical fiction for free today!

HELL'S GATE is a historical action adventure set in British East Africa in 1898. It is inspired by the true events in the British Protectorate when the British government constructed a railway line from Mombassa on the east coast of Africa to the shores of Lake Victoria in Uganda. At the same time the German government was building a line from Zanzibar to Lake Victoria. History records that the "race" was conceded to the British by the governor of the German Protectorate. Into these facts, Michel Parker has woven a tale of intrigue, violence and conspiracy against a backdrop of the splendour of the Rift Valley and the volcanic landscape that threatens the very existence of the railway line itself. But it isn't just the forces of nature that need to be fought, but the threat of 10,000 warring Masai led by the evil slave trader, Piet Snyder. Against this menace, Captain Kingsley Webb, commandant of the British East African Rifles is ordered to defend Nairobi railway camp and the two thousand souls who make up this teeming, tented city with just two hundred soldiers under his command. His love for the beautiful Hannah Bowers is also challenged by the widowed farmer, Reuben Cole who is forced to set out on a quest to find his son, David, kidnapped by Piet Snyder. The explosive mixture of love, conspiracy, treachery and political intrigue are brought together in a beautifully woven tapestry in this compelling tale.

252 pages.

... and finally, a bargain Kindle book, available for 99 cents today!

INTO DANGER (Secret Assassins (S.A.S.S.)), by Gennita Low. (Still $0.99?)

In the mood for some romantic suspense, from Gennita Low, a Top 100 author in this genre. Get this read for $0.99 today!

"Cross and double cross is the name of this game, and no one is quite what they seem. Gennita Low will wow readers with this intensely sensual and suspenseful first tale." -- Jill Smith, RT Book Reviews

"Hot, hot, hot...this book has so many twists and turns, I'd be spoiling it for most of you. Low has created a riveting plot, whose characters are stunningly fresh and vibrant and the plot will keep you guessing until the end." -- Jennifer Russell (Romance Readers Connection)

"There's plenty of mystery and intrigue, including double and triple crosses; a cast of intriguing characters, most of whom hide behind masks; and a blazingly passionate romance. The suspense builds slowly, layer by layer, and will have readers on the edge of their seats..." -- Susan Lantz (Romance Review Today)

WINNER of the RT Reviewers' Choice for Best Romantic Intrigue!

The Woman in Black

Every intelligence operative in Washington D.C. knows her name ... but little else.

A tough Navy Seal with a reputation for efficiency, Steve McMillan has heard all the stories about the "world's most glamorous assassin." But nothing prepared him for the goddess in tight black leather who now stands before him. Marlena is his new assignment -- his superiors in the shadow world of secret missions want him to get information and then turn her over. McMillan is the consummate professional, but dealing with this beautiful enigma is playing with fire. To trust her would be crazy -- as crazy as following his burning desire for her to its passionate conclusion.

Because there's something beyond the yearning in her eyes and the inviting softness of her lips. Dark clouds are circling around Marlena Maxwell, drawing Steve along with her into a lethal game of deception and betrayal. And perhaps the deadliest mistake they could both make would be to fall in love ...

384 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 26 reviews.

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